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Jul 26, 2008 12:47 PM

Spolumbo's sausages, are they good?

I've seen Spolumbo's products around in Edmonton, I think that both Safeway and SaveOn carry them, but I have not yet tried them. I would like to know what you think of them

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  1. I think they are up there in quality. Personally I like them very much. My fav is the spicy Italian. Once or twice a year they produce Merguez sausages. Lamb based, spicy as well. Tops the Italian.

    1. Oh my, yes! Esp. grilled on the bbq or removed from the casing in a tomato sauce (diced tomatoes, olives, red peppers over pasta). Yum. I like chicken with roasted red pepper and spicy italian. The chicken apple ones are nice if you like a sweeter flavour.

      1. Buy a baguette at safeway, poke a hole in the end of the piece of baguette you cut to the length of the sausage, slip the spicy italian in there with your condiments and it is tasty. It will cut up the top of your mouth though.

        I don't like the apple chicken and the other fancy ones.

        Another tip for the Calgary residents. If you buy them at the Spolumbos store, they give you free buns and they are way cheaper than crapy Safeway.

        1. If you want Itallian sausage, go to Spinelli's in Edmonton- they carry a few types including fresh sausage- hot and mild

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            Yes , those are our "go to" sausages, which are calabresa like. I believe they are also sold at Andy's IGA. I was looking for something different, like "chorizo" for which there are many impostors.

          2. They are good-quality sausages, and we eat them once in a while. Out of all of them my faves are the Apple Chicken for breakfast, and the mild Italian. We mostly order our sausage from Premium Sausage in Seven Persons (near Medicine Hat). Locally produced and made from naturally-raised pork.

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              I agree with all, they are my favorites. I am sad that you cannot get many of the flavours up here in Edmonton though. I usually only see Italian, chorizo, chicken/apple & sometimes turkey & cranberry.