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Jul 26, 2008 12:44 PM

Making pickles that aren't soggy

Does anyone have a reliable recipe for pickling cucumbers? I have several large ones and plan to cut them into spears, but no matter how I do it, my homemade pickles always seem to turn out soggy and over salty. Please help!

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  1. Have you tried using the little pickling cukes and leaving them whole? I've read that cutting off the blossom end (or both ends if you can't distinguish the blossom end) will keep them crispier because there's an enzyme in blossom end that causes them to soften. I tried that last week so we'll see in a few weeks if that works.

    1. I add a grape leaf at the bottom of each jar- something I heard and have since used and it has served my pickles well. Also I have cut the salt down in my recipe considerably and and replaced some of the vinegar with water and it has helped I had the same problem for a several batches. I use a recipe similar to the one on the site below. They also mention the grape leaf trick.

      1. You can also try soaking them in ice water and add about 1 tbsp of alum (per 8 qts of ice water) for an hour or so and then rinse them with clear water. However, if your pickles are fresh, you should be able to omit the alum. Just soak in ice water first. And definately cut off the blossom end per mickie44.