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Jul 26, 2008 12:10 PM

Pizza in Orlando

I am looking for the best thin crust pizza in the Orlando area. Any ideas?

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  1. I'm a big fan of Lazy Moon Pizzeria on Alafaya and University (in a strip mall across the street from UCF), Italian Village on Red Bug Lake Road and 436 in Casselberry, and Del Dio's Pizzeria on 436 and Oxford in Casselberry. All are New York style -- relatively thin crust, nice big crispy slices.

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    1. Best pizza in Orlando? Two words: Mellow Mushroom.

      It's not NY style or anything, but it's damn good.

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        Another great choice, although I usually get a hoagie and their great pretzels when I go there.

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          Really? I really thought I was going to like Mellow Mushroom but I didn't. The vibe was really cool, but the servers couldn't answer a question about the meatballs. (We asked if they were a mixture a hamburger and sausage and no one knew. Then they said they checked and said they are all beef. Then after we got the pizza we knew there was pork in it and said they checked the box in the freezer and it said it was a mixture.) Hello?? First off, they should know their product -- secondly they use frozen meatballs???? Uck! Thirdly they shouldn't have served the product if they really hadn't checked.

          Anyway, besides that the crust was really good -- but the sauce really wasn't great. Melloe Mushroom was a big disappointment.

          As far as pizzas -- so many good places have turned bad. (Sigh) I still go to Anthonys on Summerlin and I have never been disappointed.

          1. re: darbmark

            The service at Mellow Mushroom is a little too mellow for my taste -- always hippie types, very slow at getting your food out, and probably not the most knowledgable or motivated servers.

            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

              I agree that the service at MM is always too mellow, but the food has always been worth it. We just get an extra pitcher of beer...

        2. I thoroughly enjoyed Pizza del Dio, recommended to me through a lengthy discussion on this board. It's located on Colonial Ave near the shopping center with Sports Authority, HH Gregg, etc. While I can't say they specialize, or even offer a thin crust pizza, they prepare traditional "New York style" pizza very well.

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          1. re: lauderdale75

            Let's define "thin crust". Back in the 70's when I was a baby we would get pizza in the mid west thin crust. They didn't make thick crust until the end of the 70's when god fathers and Pizza hut came out with pan pizza.
            It was so much simpler before. I think pizza hut, Tim's , Pizza inn, were a few of the examples i was talking about. Then there were the ones I liked where they cut the pizza slices in squares. Dominoes servers their thin crust this way. Donato's wasn't bad but they closed. Who else serves pizza this way that IS NOT a chain here in central florida.

            1. re: mountdorahound

              Hubby prefers this thin, but not quite cracker, crust so we buy the Palermo Ultra Thin crust frozen pizza multi pack from Costco instead of eating out. They also sell Palermo's (single pizza's) at Publix and maybe Albertson's. We like the Margherita and slice square pieces.

              Donato's was pretty good, but I didn't like their sauce. While it's a chain, Urban flats offers a thin crust that has passed the muster. We'll hit the Winter Park location on occasion. Season's 52 offers flatbreads that get the thumbs up, but are quite petite if you are looking for a meal.

              Post back if you find your perfect pizza out!

              1. re: winechic

                I have always been a fan of Carlucci's in the Kmart shoping center in winter park. I think they won critics choice as well from the sentinel.

                If you ever venture over to Daytona, Pete's Pizza is fantastic

                1. re: fsupilam33

                  Carlucci's is great! Hubby will eat it, but doesn't consider it thin crust. :)

                  We also like Lil Anthony's in the marketplace on colonial, next to Too Jays. Cafe Positano (Apopka or Ocoee) also has a nice thin crust pizza, but not "ultra thin" as Mountdorahound was describing.

                  Will check out Pete's the next time we are up in Daytona, for sure!

                  1. re: winechic

                    oops, i missed the thin curst part of the question. Pete's is on the NE corner of Beville and nova