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Jul 26, 2008 11:47 AM

paris restaurant recommendations

hello all!

we've rented an apartment on ile de la cite for a week at the end of september.

we'll be buying breakfast 'supplies' and stocking up our apartment. and we'll probably hitting a crepe stand or a market for lunches. we're pretty fast-paced travelers so lunch 'on the go' is the most likely scenario.

for dinner, could you please recommend some casual restaurants/cafes/bistros/brasseries in and around the surrounding neighbourhoods? ideally, we'd like to spend less than 35E per person. also, we're 'early birds' so eating at 7 pm is totally fine by us! and finally, we're not wine-drinkers (i know, i know - the horror of going to france and not partaking in the wine) so hopefully that will help us a bit with the budget!

we will have a carte-orange for the week so taking the metro isn't out of the question, but we do like to wander around and get to know the neighbourhood/surrounding area we live in while on vacation.

all suggestions are welcome...



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  1. Hi Lilaki,

    I envy you. I have been to Paris many times and can recommend the following:

    Brasserie de l'Ile St. Louis
    55, quai de Bourbon Paris, France 75004
    Tel: 33 01 43 54 02 59
    Alsatian brasserie right on the island, in your price range

    Berthillon (Best Ice Cream in Paris)
    On the Ile St. Louis, next island over from de la Cite.

    L'Epi Dupin
    11 rue Dupin, 75006 Paris
    Tel: (33 01 42 22 64 56)
    Inexpensive and excellent. Reservations required. In your price range.

    Rotisserie d'en Face
    2 rue Christine, 6e
    6th Arrondissement (St-Germain/Luxembourg)
    Excellent Baby bistro by super star chef Jacques Cagna
    Reservations required but in your price range
    Tel 33-01-43-26-40-98

    So many more but this will get you started. Have a great trip and excellent dining!

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    1. re: chefectomy

      hi chefectomy,

      YUM! thanks so much for the recos!!!

      do you happen to have any recos for boulangeries, patisseries, and fromageries in the neighbourhood?


      1. re: lilaki


        Neighborhood is a relative term but everything I am giving you is located in Central Paris. Side note before more recommendations. Avail yourself to the Paris Metro (subway) excellent, cheap and takes you everywhere.

        Regarding other recommendations, one you must visit is likely the most famous Boulangerie's in the world called Poilane. Try the apple tart as a quick snack. You can get address info at:

        Also, you didn't exactly ask for this but I'd like to turn you onto the following. Paris is known for tea salons and gourmet markets where you can buy beautiful food and take it away: Try any of these:

        Tea Salons:

        La Duree - The one at Opera is the original but the one on the Champs Elysee is fantastic. You can eat there (beautiful) or take out.

        226, rue de Rivoli
        They are known for their hot chocolate, literally a must try even if it is hot outside, not like what you get in a pack of instant mix here.

        Le Notre - gourmet food market and take out. They are all over the city, literally beautiful food and you can buy it and take back to your hotel or picnic with it.

        Fauchon - A luxury food store and the original for Paris. Sort of like Le Notre.

        One last tip, Paris is known for magnificent department stores. All of the ones below have either excellent restaurants or food emporiums (food markets). Check them out on the internet for info.

        Galleries Lafayette (most famous, makes Nordstrom look like Kmart




        La Bonne Marche (this one is close to L'Epi Dupin so you can Metro it over before dinner and check out the very cool gourmet food market.

        Let me know how your eating adventures go!

        1. re: chefectomy

          hi chefectomy,

          thanks SOO much for the recos ... i've started making a list and luckily it seems to match with yours! :)

          my stomach is grumbling just thinking about it.

    2. l'Ile St. Louis on Rue Saint Louis en L'isle has boulangeries, patisseries, and fromageries in abundance - everything you need a short stroll away. Also there are a couple of Butchers on that street as well.
      You are sure to find a restaurant that suits you on that street also.
      Try Cafe Med for an excellent meal well within budget.
      Also just next to that one a good Italian Sens'o.
      You have restaurants such Mon Viell Amis, Le Tastevin, l'Ilot Vache all on that street and many others. And it's a short walk home!
      Have a great trip - you are bound to in that area of Paris.

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      1. re: nealrover

        hi nealrover,

        thanks for the recos on ile st. louis --- this will be great for our first night when we're jetlagged!!

        1. re: nealrover

          The bakery on rue des Deux Ponts is indeed very good. I would stay away from l'Ami Louis -- foodwise, it has become very mediocre.

        2. Take a walk from where you are toward the Sorbonne (not too far) for the best bread (hazelnut/prune is my absolute favorite of all time), pastries, sandwiches at Eric Kaiser. he is from a long line of bakers and is quite a celebrity in Paris, deservedly so. Here's a link:

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          1. re: City Kid

            Two years ago in Paris I went to Le Tastevin on rue Saint Louis en Ile. It was great and quite reasonable given the quality of the food (and the exchange rate).