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Jul 26, 2008 11:43 AM

Up-and-coming creative bartenders in Boston?

This thread came to me as I was having lunch at Daily Grill near the Pru today. Who are some of the young, skilled, up-and-coming bartenders here in Boston? The ones who can create an awesome drink on the fly with just a few hints as to ingredients or style?

I'll start off by nominating Chris at the Daily Grill. He knows I like Hendrick's gin, and he came up with something with cucumber muddled in Hendrick's, fresh lime, a dash of simple syrup, more Hendrick's, then the whole thing shaken and served as a martini with cucumber garnish. So smooth, refreshing and tasty, an outstanding tipple...and something he said he just made up for the occasion. I was in awe.

Any other suggestions? besides Jackson at ES of course, who IMHO is the most creative and professional barmaster in town. I'd love to get some additional suggestions.

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  1. Arrived and flourishing moreso than up and coming, but here you go:

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      All those on that list are great. For up-and-coming, I'd say Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli probably fits the bill. He's incredibly talented, insanely gracious, and only 25 or so.

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          A third, though I agree w Rubee that he's been a known entity for awhile. Where is he these days?

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            Tommy was still at ESK when I was there last month. If he has moved on (please say it isn't so), let us know so we can follow him!

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              Didn't mean to alarm you, I'm sure he is; it's me that has moved on to the Southwest, so I was just checking!

    2. Without a doubt, John Gerston from #9. Takes bartending to another level. No offense but everyone else is fighting for the silver.

      1. Ahh...but see.. didn't you read Mrsx's link above? We're talking about up and coming. I'm a HUGE fan of John Gertsen's (the man who taught me to appreciate bitters), and Tom also, but they're already here, not "up and coming". ; )

        In fact, there's a wonderful article about Tom in the latest issue of Gourmet magazine - check out "The Mixologist's Tale" on p. 41.

        ..and for an example of John's gifts - a link to the most memorable cocktail pairing I've ever experienced (and learned from).

        That being said, I love the idea for this thread and would love to know who to watch out for!

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            Also, I just got the September issue of Bon Appetit magazine and John's "Widow's Touch" cocktail is featured on p. 42. It's described as an "apple-floral riff on the 19th century Widow's Kiss". Looks great, I might try it tonight. It's made with Laird's Applejack, St. Germain elderflower cordial (I love this stuff), Benadictine, and angostura bitters.

        1. I had a young dude at The Beehive recently "make-up" a cocktail for me & I was really impressed. He called it an Italian Iced Tea--It had wood aged grappa, B&B, simple syrup and lemon--killer! original???

          Didn't catch his name...

          1. One good source might be the folks training under our great local bar managers, like Misty at Green Street, Courtney at Toro, and Max at Deep Ellum. I haven't caught all their names, but I've definitely had some great cocktails in the past few months made by some young, fresh faces at these places. Better technical than hospitality chops, but the former are easier to learn, and you have to start somewhere.

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              Right on! In charge of the bar at Deep Ellum (under Max) is Emily Rose, and she is indeed one to watch.