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What the ?*#$!...... No side au jus at Phillipe's?

Getting a little tired of the systematic erosion of some of my all-time favorite things, so I stuck like glue to a post in another topic about places around Chinatown (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/541801). Posters saying that Phillipe's won't serve the little dish of au jus with their sandwiches anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have to get to the bottom of this!!!!!!!!!!!

Phillipe's was a weekly lunch spot when I worked in the Lincoln Heights area in the 70's and I try to stop there whenever I'm in LA - which isn't often lately. How in the world do you serve a dip sandwich with nothing to dip in?????? I get that they pre-dip the sandwiches but that's like a resto saying you can't have your salad dressing on the side...... only pre-dressed.

I don't get it and I'd love to hear the feedback of hounds who go to Phillipe's these days. What's the true story on this????

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  1. Sorry, I don't know why the change. But I always order mine "double dipped" (they dip both halves of the bun) which gives plenty of jus for my taste.

    1. Always get the double dip. Did they ever serve au jus with their sandwiches? I don't remember seeing that before. Also, get the baked apple when it's in season.

      1. As far as I know they never served au jus on the side. The first time I went to Phillipe's was about 20 years ago, and I asked for au jus on the side and they refused, saying they don't do it. I not only get my sandwiches double dipped, but I ask them to completely submerge the top roll all the way in the au jus. It's a little messy, but oh so good.

        1. According to a story in the LAT, they recently stopped putting mustard jars on the tables - you have to order it with your sandwich. evidently, the health department decided (after, what, 80 years?) that the old was was unsanitary.

          Personally, I have yet to meet the microbe that would stand up under that mustard.

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            Agreed about microbes and the mustard! Damn, I love that stuff.

            I've been going for years and they have never served au jus on the side, in my memory.

            For me: Pork, blue cheese, double dipped, mustard all the way! With often a ridiculously low priced glass of Silver Oak Cab.

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              Was at Phillipe's last week. The little jars of mustard are gone indeed, but they are replaced with squeeze bottles.

              They work perfectly.

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                I've never seen any side jus ever dining in, but I am glad that they finally use squeeze bottles instead of jars for the mustard. Hopefully nobody is going to put the tip of the squeeze bottle directly onto their chewed portion of their sandwich (as I witnessed a year back with the spoon off the jar) or it will defeat the health code purpose.

              2. re: Muskrat

                Actually, they removed the mustard pots but are supposed to have squirt bottles now, which isn't the same aesthetic but you can still squirt as much as you want vs. spoon.

                The story was on Eater LA, not the LAT

              3. Good news, Midlife: Just order it to TO GO with au jus on the side. One of the order takers told me that they'll only serve it on the side with a to go order. Then find yourself a table and chow down: they don't care where you eat it, trust me, that's how I do it everytime because I don't like a pre-dipped sandwich(unless it's Chicago Italian beef).

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                  Yes, they will do the au jus on the side if the sandwich is to go. and FYI: they put a LOT in that to-go cup!

                2. My dad cooked there for 20 years... Phillipe's has never served au jus with their sandwiches (well I used to get a bowl.. .but that is cuz 'apa would prepare mine special).

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                  1. re: Eat_Nopal

                    up until very recently, I always got my sandwich with a side of au jus. I've been going there for 10+ years.

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                      I've been going there for years and have never seen a bowl for au jus. I like a double dip and the bread ends up pretty saturated (which is a good thing).

                      Glad to hear about the mustard. That mustard is good on just about everything. I always liked sandwiches at home with their mustard.

                    2. re: Eat_Nopal

                      Like I said in another thread, they have never hesitated to give me a side of au jus when asked. I also remember in the early nineties I spent a lot of time at the Children's Hospital in E. Hollywood/Los Feliz and my family would pick up a bunch of sandwiches to go from Phillipes to take to the hospital. They would give us a huge side of juice with the sandwiches.

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                        Side of Au Jus has never been a thing at Phillippes... if the counter lady decided to give you some thing that is another thing... maybe enough people were ordering the freebies that management decided to come down on it.... or maybe people weren't tipping generously enough.

                    3. I was there maybe four weeks ago, pre *squeeze* mustard apparently... my friend went back up to ask for a side of au jus (somehow the double dip didn't saturate the bread), they said no, but told her to bring her sandwich back to the counter, and they ladled some onto her plate --her sandwich was swimming in it (which she loved). Maybe not the greatest solution, but nice to know they'll give you a little more if you ask.

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                        That sounds so bizarre! While they won't give you a cup of the juice they will ladle a bunch of juice on the plate? I wonder the reasoning behind this practice.

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                          Last night I had a roast beef dip at Taylor's on 8th. It was the best I've ever had. perfect tender, flavorful beef and a side of deep flavored au jus. I got it with a baked potato for about $16. I may have to go back tonight.