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Jul 26, 2008 10:31 AM

What happens if you freeze cooked beans?

We're trying to eat more of them these days, and since I'm having surgery in a few weeks, I want to spend time this weekend stocking the freezer. What happens to the texture and/or taste of black beans, pintos, etc., if you freeze them after cooking. (I'm talking dried ones cooked from scratch, not canned.)

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  1. I haven't done it in a while but from what I remember, I've frozen red kidney beans with absolutely no problems. None that I noticed anyway,


    1. I freeze chili with beans, black-eyed peas and other cooked from scratch legumes all the time and they are fine. There is no change of texture/taste IMO. I freeze lentils too, but they have been pureed, but I think they would be fine too.

      BTW, if you have abdominal surgery you may find it takes a while before your body can comfortably manage beans. ;-)

      1. Whenever I cook dried beans I always make much more than I need because it doesn't take any longer to cook double or triple the amount. Freeze them in recipe-size containers, covered in cooking liquid. Absolutely no different than freshly cooked.

        1. That's right. I almost always have containers of cooked from dry beans in the freezer.

          1. I've frozen several types and noticed no changes at all in texture or taste. They are excellent candidates for freezing. If you want, you can quickly freeze a handful loose on a tray and then dump them into a container for easy access to just a few beans to put on a salad or something.