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Jul 26, 2008 10:01 AM

Good restaurants and diners in NJ-Parsippany area

I would love to find a few good (home made food) restaurants in the parsippany, nj area-- whether its restaurants or diners.....of course affordable as well! Can anyone help me out?

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  1. Best pizza and italian in the area:
    Resevior Tavern, Boonton, NJ - Good stuff.
    No nonsense good italian eats and ridiculous pizza.

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      For Italian, I recently read a positive review for Top of the Park Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria located on Main Street Boonton. A moderately priced family restaurant with good pasta sauces.

      For Chinese, there are two places with fine reputations. Noodle Chu on Route 46 in the shopping center just west of Interstate Route 80 and Chef 81 on Beverwyck Road in the Lake Hiawatha section of Parsippany. For Thai Food, there is Pat Thai in the Foodtown Shopping Plaza on Beverwyck Road.

      For breakfast, there is The Original Pancake House in East Hanover on Route 10 in the Pathmark Shopping Plaza. Also on Beverwyck Road is The Spa Diner next to Rite Aid and Quick Check. It's a small strip mall diner with friendly service.

      For Take-Out......again on Beverwyck Road is International Passport Foods, a Polish deli where you can get a fresh made meal for about six bucks...For Chinese, Top Quality Asian Market on Route 46 West has a counter where you can get a three item combination platter with soup, a barbecue roast pork dish over rice or a roast duck over rice for less than six bucks....Cantonese style and cooking not typical of the normal Chinese Take-Out Restaurant.

    2. There's a new breakfast place, called Docs, in Denville that is outstanding. They make all their bread fresh, so you have to try the French Toast. Its right next to Viking Bakery