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Jul 26, 2008 09:20 AM

Help! Salad Nicoise in Plano?

Looking for a quick reply for lunch today. Does anyone know of a place to get salade nicoise in Plano? I've had a request from an out-of-town visitor. I tried Lavendou, but they're closed for lunch on Saturday. Thanks!

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  1. Not quite Plano but close:
    Voila French Bakery in Allen 1201 W. McDermott · Suite 100 · Allen (next to Plano), Texas 75013

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      Sorry this response wasn't timely, but Bonnie Ruth's in frisco has a very nice Salad Nicoise! Plus the desserts are to die for!

    2. Give up! go to Paris... Few restaurants here provide properly cooked tuna and rarely top the salad off with the traditional accouterment of anchovies.