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Jul 26, 2008 08:49 AM

Mexican restaurant south of Fresno?

Vaguely I remember there is some fabled Mexican place juuuussst south of Fresno...wanted to go check it out, but can't remember name/place or where I saw it. Was it Dinuba, Selma, or Sanger? I know it wasn't Reedley, and not as far as Hanford or Visalia.

Traveling there this weekend...any suggestions appreciated!


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  1. Its been quite a while, but once upon a time there was a fabled Mexican place in Selma - Sal's. Is this the place you're thinking of?

      1. re: Gail

        No, not Sal's, but thanks for trying. Been to Sal's in a variety of their locations many times.

        Does the name Sandoval's ring any bells with anybody? Vague recollection...any good?

        1. re: dinerdano

          The only Sandoval's I can think of is out of Dinuba. I haven't been by there in a while so I can't confirm its current status.

          1. re: FresnoFacts

            Like you, no first hand experience, but a trusted pal recently gave it two thumbs up.

      2. here is a Citysearch link to the original Sal's, you can google a bunch of them.

        1. Technically Sal's and Bobby Salazar's are different.Then there is Henry Salazar's, another branch off from the family.

          Sal's was founded by Sal Salazar, he died in 1980. Son Bobby Salazar had a falling out with other family members and went off on his own. His mother continued to operate the original Sal's in Selma but Eleanor died last year.

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          1. re: FresnoFacts

            Fermin's??? Not mexican per se but it is in Selma.

            1. re: FresnoFacts

              I believe brother Carl still runs the two he and Eleanor maintained over the years, the original and the one at Fresno and Alluvial.

              1. re: PolarBear

                Thanks for the input...found what I was looking for on my original post: Sandoval's at 493 E. Tulare Street in Dinuba. Yes, it was great--just as I had heard. There were many standouts--the sopes were delightfully tender and delicate, very nice. The carnitas special was very moist and flavorful; the shrimp stuffed with veggies/cheese, wrapped in bacon and grilled were outstanding and something I hadn't seen in a mexican place before. The girls enjoyed the pomegranite margaritas. Waitstaff was very efficient and helpful, and the multiple types of home made salsa available were all excellent. I'd highly recommend--

                1. re: PolarBear

                  You are probably right, I just haven't been in either for a while to find out if Karl is still in charge. I can still remember the boys working in the Selma location 25 or 30 years ago.

              2. For clarification, Sal's Restaurant in Selma is separate and distinct from any of the Bobby Salazar's.

                Sal's was founded in about 1948. Address: 2163 Park St, Selma, CA 93662
                Phone: 896-7257

                Bobby Salazar is a son of the founders of Sal's, but his restaurants are a completely separate business.

                It may very well be Sal's that you are thinking of. The food is more authentic and, I believe, much better than that at Bobby's.