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Jul 26, 2008 08:19 AM

Native Frybread in Tacoma/Seattle?

Longtime reader, first-time poster...

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place (aside from periodic booths are fairs and such) that one could find tasty (and authentic) Native American frybread.

I did a search but didn't see anything in the PNW board. Thanks!

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  1. I believe that Bicks (about 105th and Greenwood) has a fry bread appetizer, but I cannot attest to its authenticity as I haven't had the "real" thing in a long time.

    1. Pet peeve: there's nothing 'authentic' about frybread. It's existence is entirely owed to the fact that lard and flour were (still are?) distributed by the US government to reservations.

      Fairs are your best bet if you're looking for this. Pretty sure you can get an elephant ear at Seattle Center if you can't find an itinerant carnival. It's the same thing.

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      1. re: terrier

        Then let me rephrase, if you know so much... by "authentic," I mean "not at a fair and not an elephant ear (because they are NOT the same thing)."

        1. re: luckyducky

          I agree with luckyducky. If you think there's nothing "authentic" about frybread, then chances are you've never had the real thing--cooked at a roadside stand by a Native American that has been making them for decades in a style passed down from mother or grandmother, etc. An elephant ear, are you kidding me?
          Unfortunately, I've never had one in the PNW but I did just have one in Jemez Pueblo, NM. It's worth a trip to Jemez if you ever anywhere near.

          1. re: sophiamaria

            sophiamaria - I was just in Phoenix for a business trip and found an awesome hole-in-the-wall place in Mesa that made delicious ones. :)

      2. Luckyducky, the Pacific Northwest Oyster Festival is the first weekend in October next to the Shelton Airport. Its heaven for oyster lovers. Also featured each year is a Native American booth with traditionally cooked salmon, slaw and frybread. A plate is about $5.00 and is better than the much lauded Ray's boathouse. The Oyster Fest is a non commercial food festival and a great Chowhound destination.

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        1. re: Leper

          Thanks, Leper. Despite my dislike of fairs, if I'm near home that weekend, I will try to stop by and check it out.

          1. re: luckyducky

            Leper, that was exactly my suggestion...The Oysterfest is less fair, more crazed oyster lovers on a feeding frenzy! I reccomend highly! I'll be there celebrating my birthday by stuffing myself full of oysters and frybread

        2. When I drive through the Tulalip Reservation (Marysville), I see signs for fry bread tacos. Slo-Joe's Grill, at the Tulalip marina is supposed to serve traditional Native fare including fry bread.

          1. There is a frybread vendor at the Belfair Farmers Market pretty much every Saturday (9-3). I haven't actually tried the frybread there, but I have head good things about it. I believe they also make "indian tacos".

            The market is at the Theler Center in Belfair:

            Mary E Theler Community Center
            22871 NE State Route 3, Belfair, WA