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Jul 26, 2008 08:19 AM

Dallas Dinner for 4 on Jul 26

I am late making reservations for tonight. Suggestions on where I should eat that may have an opening aroung 7:30? I am looking for a place with good steak and seafood. To give you a flavor of what I am looking for, I checked to following on Open Table, none of which had anything around 7 or 7:30.

Screen Door (wanted to try it, but nothing after 5:00)

Hibiscus (a favorite, but nothing before 8:30)

Pyles (nothing before 9)

Charlie Palmers (nothing before 9)

Fearings (nothing before 9)

Abacus (nothing at all)

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  1. Al Biernat's, Bob's Chop House, Perry's, Capitol Grille (probably your best chance).

    Also, I would call directly instead of relying on Open Table to some of your favorites (they might get you in or have a cancellation that is not on the Inter tubes).

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    1. re: BluffViewChound

      Thanks. Went to Perrys. I used to eat there a lot, but stopped about a year ago because it was too dark and there was so much competition in the steak house area. Anyway, we had a good meal last night. The tuna tartar app was great. The ceasor was good, but had too much dressing. I had the filet, which was nice, but one side was cooked more than the other. The sides were better than I remembered. I found the desserts lacking for a steak house. Overall, though, nice meal.

      1. re: 8 2 Much

        Has Perry's added a Espresso machine? This is the one place in Dallas i would not go again for steak. Just did not measure up.

        1. re: auto

          I had the same experience. I'd go to Pappas Bros or Biernat's before I'd go back to Perry's.

          1. re: Scagnetti

            I agree that Pappas Bros is better than Perrys. But, for me, it is a longer drive. I would go just for the Moon Pie, though. I am indifferent about Biernat's--had some great and not so great meals there.

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