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Jul 26, 2008 07:01 AM

Carry out crabs help

I need help getting the phone number of a place that sells live crabs by the bushel. It is located on Eastern Ave over the bridge, so i guess that's Essex(?). Coming out of the city it is on the left hand side, across from a stand alone restaurant (can't remember that name either!) It looks like a market stand and advertises crabs by the bushel on hand written signs. I'm not sure that it even has a name but they always had great prices and good crabs. BTW- if anyone can suggest a place they get take out live crabs that they frequent it may help if i cant get this number! Thanks hounders:)

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  1. Its called Fruitland, not sure the number.
    Conrads Crab near Towson sells live crabs by the bushel

    1. Salty Dog's on North Point Blvd. (technically Dundalk I think) has fantastic carry-out crabs. Call and reserve early - because they do sell out!

      1. thanks hon! Fruitland is the place. if you have not had crabs from there, you should try it. they are so reasonably priced and the crabs are always good. we've gone 2x now and will continue in the future.

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          I used to get crabs from there when I lived in Canton, they were always pretty cheap as crabs go!