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Jul 26, 2008 06:22 AM

Big Juicy Steak recs -- STL?

Ok Chowhounders --

It's my husbands bday in 2 weeks.

Whenever I ask him lately "What do you want to do for your bday?"
He answers in 3 words "Big! Juicy! Steak!"

I am bringing this topic to the board b/c honestly I know probably nothing about steak and what makes a good steakhouse. While I am not a vegetarian, I don't eat a lot of meat and when my husband and I tend to go out for dinner in the area, it's more like traditional vietnamese food on Olive or tacos on Cherokee.

So .. that said ... price wise -- this can be a little bit of a spendy meal - but I don't want to have to second mortgage the house. Atmosphere? I don't know -- he really loves retro stuff (maybe watching too many episodes of Mad Men). Dressy but not super super dressy -- I guess in my mind that means a tie but not jacket for him. It would be nice if we could find a place with live music -- but they probably don't make places like that anymore. I'm completely open to hearing what the board has to say.

We live in South City -- so anything up to a half hour away is fair game. Can anyone help me out?

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  1. Well, for me, the best steak hands down is at Annie Gunns. It would be on the outer edge of the 30 minute drive but without question, worth it. I love the bone in ribeye, but anything off the grill there is awesome. Good seafood also. It is a bit of a headache getting a table. I don't have an "in" there and can wait up to an hour sometimes. They do take reservations for half the tables and leave the rest for walk ins. They have a great wine list and appetizers and a great bar if you do end up waiting a bit. Coat and tie is not out of place but it is more of a nice casual kind of place. As for the prices, it is not the cheapest meal in town but it is a special occasion...

    Citizen Kanes in Kirkwood has great steaks also. Not as much atmosphere but the food is good. Ruths Chris in Clayton has a good steak too, if you don't mind the high end chain feel. Good sides also. Although it is not a steak house, I have enjoyed the filet at Frazers Brown Bag in Soulard. He does it justice. I don't recall if there are other cuts on the menu there. For an old world steakhouse there is Al's down off the Landing. I haven't been there in a while but it was good years ago. They would bring a big platter of all the nights steaks and seafood and you ordered off the platter. Definitely a coat and tie joint.

    All this talking about steak is making me think I will have to fire up the grill tonight.

    Gotta eat!

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      Best inexpensive steakhouse in St. Louis is Tucker's in Soulard. Annie Gunn's is definitely better but at 3x the cost. AG ala carte steaks push $40 and up. Tucker's will be in the teens.

    2. Sam's Steakhouse on Gravois has never disappointed us. We've been about a half dozen times over the years.

      1. I'll second Citizen Kanes as the best in the area. A bit crowded on weekends. Great servide and good food.

        On a budget, Michael's on Manchester near McCausland is well worth the price.

        Charcoal House on Manchester near Berry Rd. is good.

        1. When I'm looking for a big beefy high-end meal in St. Louis, many of my favorite memories are of Kreis's on Lindbergh north of Clayton and Highway 40 in Ladue. It is a great oldstyle steakhouse. But I think their strongest dish is their prime rib. Beautiful thick slabs of beef, well marbled, properly medium rare. And I heartily support local independent restaurants rather than overspending at local branches of national chains.

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            I would second the vote for Kreis' on Lindbergh. Great quality meat, and their atmosphere is a little bit out of the 50s-60s. You would definitely want to make reservations.