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Jul 26, 2008 05:10 AM

Shaheen Restaurant

I was wondering if anyone had tried Shaheen. Its in Woodlawn on Security Blvd. I saw that the Sun is offering half off gift certificates and I wanted to know if its worth going. Thanks.

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  1. I think only the Papri Chaat is worth it. The rest, I wouldn't bother. I was recently tipped on how to order this item. Walk in and ask for the owner. Once the owner presents himself, ask him to make the Papri Chaat himself. I think he uses very good ratios of the ingredients.

    There's another Pakistani restaurant on Woodlawn Dr. called Shahi Grill. They used to have good seekh kabobs, but recently even those are not up to par. Shaheen used to be in the spot where Shahi Grill is now. So Shaheen's been in the area a while and if you were a Pakistani growing up in the area, you've eaten there numerous times, especially because the older location had an attached hall. If there was some place better in the immediate area, people would go, but there isn't, so the families that only eat Pakistani food go there. I.e., the "it must be good because there's so many Pakistani families there" logic does not apply. Also in the area is O's Place, a Pakistani and Pakistani-Chinese buffet, but that place is just atrocious and I don't understand why families continue to eat there.

    Last week we took our Cantonese friend to Grace Garden and she was not as impressed with everything as I had been. Similarly, I probably also have unreasonably high standards for Pakistani food. :)