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Jul 26, 2008 01:06 AM

Dizi aka Ab Goosht at Canary Chicken in Westwood

So I went to Canary Chicken at 1942 Westwood (south of santa monica, north of olympic). I went there for the Dizi.
There used to be a place called Dizi house in westwood. you got a pot of cooked lamb shoulder, chick peas, herbs, etc. and a separate bowl of soup. And a mallet. And you ground up the solids into a paste that you sopped up with the flat Persian tandur bread. And you tore the bread up into little tiny dumpling sized pieces and but them into the soup (think Xi'an style paomo with lamb and you're close).

Canary has a great selection of kebab and stews (ghormeh sabzi, fesenjan, etc) but they have DIZI. Here, though, they grind it for you which is fine, although notas fun. Had this, and a side of the garlic torshi (pickles) which were balsamic and tasty. They also have torshi of green fuzzy almonds, and a mixed torshi. The shirazi salad, sad to say, was weak, - shahrzad/flame's is better, as is their kashk-e bademjan, roasted eggplant with yogurt cheese more or less. But canary is quite good and it's open until 3AM on saturday night.

service was great.

As a side note, i've read of a place in Glendale at San Fernando Road and Western,
"NERSSES VANAK RESTAURANT (or nersess, both found on line)
, that supposedly serves the Dizi/AbGoosht with the mallet. If someone's tried it, would love to hear their take.

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  1. Dizi is also the famous Friday-lunch special at Attari in Westwood. An epic version.

    1. I've had the dizi at canary and I found it too bland. They Cuisinart it to a baby-food texture that's not very appealing. . The mallet is the way to go. That's the way it's served all over Iran. The dizi at Attari - Fridays only and no mallet - is much more authentic.

      1. Thanks for the Vanak tip - Vanak's an upscale 'hood in north of Tehran BTW -. will try the place and report back, though I get the feeling you'll probably get there before I do!

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        1. re: fkingford

          I agree - the mallet is more fun. But the dizi at canary is ground by mallet - or so they told me.

          They have the herbs as well - but our server the first time didn't bring the sabzi.

          And the torshi are the best i've had in town.

          I'm not iranian by any stretch - but hey i liked it.

          and it's open till 3am on saturday

          which is always welcome.

          1. re: Jerome

            Canary's torshi is the best, by far.

            1. re: condiment

              Torshi is the pickled condiment, Condiment, as you probably know. I was curious about the dizzi, the lamb dish. Attari's is better than Canary but I don't know about Nersses Vanak.

              1. re: epop

                I haven't been to Canary in a couple of years, but jars of aging torshi used to be its principal decor. Supertart, of course, but mellow and complex. As for dizi, Attari's is pretty much the only one I eat any more, but I remember fondly the tiny cafe near Glendale High that used to specialize in the dish.

                1. re: condiment

                  When did the place in Glendale close?

                    1. re: condiment

                      Thanks. Then it isn't the place in Glendale that my friend mentioned. It might
                      be Nersses Vanak that he went to, raving about the dizzi...