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Jul 25, 2008 11:59 PM

Best restaurant in Little India

I'm craving some Indian food! There's so many restaurants in Little India, which ones do you think are the best? What are their "must try" dishes?

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  1. I like Udupi Palace - it's like a church basement - but it's delicious - I have had the paper masala dosa and the saag paneer. Delicious. vegetarian only.

    1. Udupi is the best of the bunch, in my opinion. South Indian food, mostly, but they also have some north Indian dishes, and it's all fantastic. Chana bhatura is a favourite guilty pleasure, and the masala dosas are great. Also on that strip Siddhartha is very good, and its vegetarian sibling - I think it's Kissan, if that's still around...

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        Siddhartha has 2 places, the one on the south sideof the street is vegetarian, and o.k. I think all of the eateries have gone downhill. Udupi is probably your safest bet.

      2. I also vote for Udupi, although I would also say that the Pakistani spot 786 has some excellent dishes, including the whole fish and whole chicken, as well as the paya special on the weekend.

        1. Thanks everyone, I will definitely check Udupi out!

          I've been to Sidhartha before actually. I like it there, the first time I thought their naan was realy soft and delicious, but the other times it wasn't every quite the same.

          What would be a good place to get meat dishes?

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            Try Moti Mahal on the north side, their butter chicken is the best in the city (my opinion). also the lahore tikka house, also very good butter chicken & sag paneer, however, theirs have a lot more Ghee on top, so much greasier feel, but still really really good.
            only 3 places worth going to:
            Udapi (love it)
            Moti Mahal
            Lahore Tikka House.

            we still want to try the 786 place sometime, looking forward to the whole fish.

          2. The quality of the restaurants on that strip has been trending steadily downward for several years now. It's really sad.

            Lahore Tikka was once on my list of Toronto's best restaurants. Now it's a place with a great patio vibe and some occasionally good food. However, they are wildly inconsistent and their always ghee laden food can be even more incredibly greasy. In their favour, you'll get the same food whether or not you are visibly South Asian (unusual for Toronto's Indo/Pakistani and Chinese restaurants). The chicken tikka masala and beef ribs are sometimes standouts, but you can't count on it. The lassis and kulfis are good. They are mainly living on a reputation they no longer deserve. Heaven knows what will happen when they open their new multi million dollar palace.

            786 Halal probably has better food than Lahore Tikka, though there is no ambiance and sometimes poor service. Here you MUST specify that you want dishes spiced appropriately or they will dumb everything down if you are not South Asian. The whole fish and chicken and the karahi dishes are sometimes standouts, but again not consistently. Very popular with Pakistani cab drivers.

            We have had food at the non veg Sidhartha ranging from exceptional to inedible and service ranging from great to non-existent or hostile. I've found the veg Sidhartha consistently mediocre.

            I know many people who love Udupi. Our own experiences there have not been good, but it's certainly worth trying.

            Moti Mahal is probably the most consistent place on that strip. It feels like a fast food joint and I've never been impressed, but I know several Indian people who say it reminds them of real Indian home cooking.

            We've had both decent meals and awful meals at Haandi and Skylark.

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              We were at Skylark last year, I think close to the time after they'd renovated/upscaled and they served fish! Not sure if they still do, it may have been a Saturday night thing, but I had never seen fish served on Gerrard East.