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Jul 25, 2008 10:56 PM

Two Weeks in Cincinnati

I will be in Cincinnati for two weeks. Hotel is at Crowne Pt, Drive and I will be visiting my company’s office in Hebron, KY. I am looking for some ideas for the 24 lunches and 24 dinners plus any interesting breakfast places on the weekend.

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  1. In the general area of Hebron, checkout Raymond's Hong Kong cafe in Richwood and the deep dish pizza at Bourbon House in Burlington.

    1. Actually only 12 lunches an dinners i 12 days. Thanks for your assistance.

      1. Take 71 N to fields-ertel exit to Grand Oriental restaurant for some good Hong-kong style Dim-Sum on weekend 10am-2pm. Also you can order off the menu on weekdays. Also water front by the river in Newport have good steak dinner. Not to mention also if you like ribs try the Montgomery Inn at downtown Cincinnati(good fish or bbq chicken with the famous bbq sauce).

        1. Ditto Montgomery Inn for ribs. For high-priced, but well-executed French-like food, use one of your 12 dinners at Daveed's (Mount Adams).

          For a non-lunch or dinner, but for a sweet-tooth craving, Graeter's ice cream (many locations).

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            To the OP: hope you've read some of the recent threads on Cincinnati restaurants; we get the "where should I eat" question all the time and there's a lot of good information available with a simple search.

            Thinking about revisiting the Montgomery Inn discussion yet again is making me queasy <g>.

            1. re: Emm

              Of course it .... Nah. Can't say it. Too easy a shot.

          2. I lived in Cincinnati for four years, and the only food I miss are the potato pancakes at Izzy's Deli. Their sandwiches are good too, but the potato pancake is spectacular- almost like mashed potatoes with an incredibly crunchy caramelized exterior. I was just back in town for 3 days and got one every day I was there.

            Izzy Kadetz
            610 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202