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Two Weeks in Cincinnati

I will be in Cincinnati for two weeks. Hotel is at Crowne Pt, Drive and I will be visiting my company’s office in Hebron, KY. I am looking for some ideas for the 24 lunches and 24 dinners plus any interesting breakfast places on the weekend.

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  1. In the general area of Hebron, checkout Raymond's Hong Kong cafe in Richwood and the deep dish pizza at Bourbon House in Burlington.

    1. Actually only 12 lunches an dinners i 12 days. Thanks for your assistance.

      1. Take 71 N to fields-ertel exit to Grand Oriental restaurant for some good Hong-kong style Dim-Sum on weekend 10am-2pm. Also you can order off the menu on weekdays. Also water front by the river in Newport have good steak dinner. Not to mention also if you like ribs try the Montgomery Inn at downtown Cincinnati(good fish or bbq chicken with the famous bbq sauce).

        1. Ditto Montgomery Inn for ribs. For high-priced, but well-executed French-like food, use one of your 12 dinners at Daveed's (Mount Adams).

          For a non-lunch or dinner, but for a sweet-tooth craving, Graeter's ice cream (many locations).

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            To the OP: hope you've read some of the recent threads on Cincinnati restaurants; we get the "where should I eat" question all the time and there's a lot of good information available with a simple search.

            Thinking about revisiting the Montgomery Inn discussion yet again is making me queasy <g>.

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              Of course it .... Nah. Can't say it. Too easy a shot.

          2. I lived in Cincinnati for four years, and the only food I miss are the potato pancakes at Izzy's Deli. Their sandwiches are good too, but the potato pancake is spectacular- almost like mashed potatoes with an incredibly crunchy caramelized exterior. I was just back in town for 3 days and got one every day I was there.

            Izzy Kadetz
            610 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

            1. Since you did not specify that you wanted fine dining and you are down in Hebron, I would recommend Buffalo Bob's which is a family oriented sports bar that has great wings. In addition, they offer a lot of other entrees and the food is generally very good.

              Buffalo Bob's Family Restaurant
              9910 Berberich Dr
              Florence, KY 41042
              Phone: (859) 371-5244

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                Thanks for all the ideas. Please keep the ideas coming. Since the Company is paying, mid-price restaurants will work fine.

              2. You mention staying on Crowne Pt. Drive, which I believe is in the Sharonville area (north of Cincinnati) but are traveling to Hebron, which is quite the commute. I'm just trying to clarify this before I give you recommendations on the north side of town, in case you are really staying and working in the Hebron area. I have lots of suggestions for the northern suburbs if that is where you are staying.

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                  It was too far of dirve, Our travel department just moved my team to a hotel in Florence.

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                    In that case, add the Oriental Wok in Ft. Mitchell to your list. Somewhat upscale Chinese, the best in the area IMO.

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                      Oh, I used to love that place; have not been in some time because I was afraid it might not be the same. It was my first "regulation dinner-and-a-movie" date with she who would become my wife.

                2. If you ARE North check ou the Kyojin seafood Buffet. Believe it or not, the sushi is very fresh and very good, high turnover on the sushi buffet since it is relatively new. Although the fish selection is limited to the usual suspects and nothing really pricey. The hot dishes are also pretty good too with tempuras, and fried rice etc. Its not far from Grand Oriental.


                  1. Now that you are staying in Florence, KY, check out Chung Gi Wha (A.K.A. Chung Ki Wha) It's a Korean Barbeque that is all you can eat for around $27. The buffet is L-shaped with the panchan, or side dishes, on the short side, and all kinds of marinated meat, seafood and vegetables on the long side. There are also usually some california rolls on the corner. Unlike most Korean BBQ places that use gas or electric grills, the staff brings out a small pot of charcoal, places it inside your table, puts a grate over it and you start grilling away. The place is never too crowded, and a lot of times its customers are made up of Korean families and Japanese people from Toyota. The restaurant is located right off I-71/75 at exit 181, probably very close to where you are staying:

                    7800 Commerce Dr
                    Florence, KY 41042
                    (859) 525-9978