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Jul 25, 2008 10:43 PM

Italian-Japanese Rice balls!

okay, I used to go to a japanese italian restaurant that was first in melrose then moved to santa monica where my girlfriends and I would go to everytime we had our pms cravings because the rice balls were freakin' delicious! they were totally perfect and I cant seem to find the same kind anywhere else!! the meat sauce even complimented them and Im so sad they closed down! does anyone know where I can find the same kind of rice balls or the owners/chef of Itameshi-ya/cappacione (sp?)?!?!?!?! I dont know why they closed down, I thought their pasta and sauces were very good.

I would be so HAPPY if anyone could help me with this find!!! tee hee!

thank you all and happy eating!!!



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  1. Can you describe these balls, were they stuffed with cheese, arancini (sp)?

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      I am very sorry that tis taken me this long to respond but this is how long i havent been back to chowhound!! Lol
      The riceball is italian-japanese style. Big deep fried sticky rice, chopped carrots, pea, and mozzarella cheese in center then rolled in egg and panko then deep fried and served with tomato meat sauce. It sounds kinds wierd at first but totally works!!

    2. Pizzeria Mozza has very good arrancine alla bolognese.

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        Cool, i wanna try if they are still around lol!!