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Jul 25, 2008 09:35 PM

Lunch in Orange?

What is a good place for lunch in Orange? A friend wanted to eat in the Circle at Felix's, but I wondered...are there better options? (all cuisines--just great food) Thanks for any feedback.

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  1. I work in Orange and enjoy Citrus Grille. It's in Old Town Orange. Address: 122 N. Glassell St.

    I also like Rutabegorz at 264 N. Glassell. It's a funky little place with an interesting menu.

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    1. re: monicabahr

      Are the tables at Citrus Grilled still just 18" apart?! (Had to suffer through that a few years back and never returned...) What do they excel in food-wise?

      1. re: Funwithfood

        Too funny. Yeah, the tables are fairly close together. And it can get pretty noisy inside. If it's nice, I like to sit outisde.

    2. Hi FwF!

      I really like Gabbi's, just south of the circle on Glassell. It's sophisticated authentic Mexican. Because I like spicy food, my only gripe is they hold back on the chili heat unless you ask specifically to scorch it up. That may not be a problem for others.

      I think it's way better than Felix. Also slightly more spendy than Felix, but you'll know where your money went. Save a little room for the home made churros.

      Just be aware the storefront might be hard to spot because they don't have signage. It's next to the Army Navy store.

      Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen
      141 S Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        Hi PS!
        What is their forte at Gabbi's IYO?

        1. re: Funwithfood

          We fell in love with Gabbi's. The wait for a table is awful, and they are not cheap, but much of their food is phenomenal.
          I had some of the best ever carne asada. If you have never had out of this world carne asada, you will be very surprised. The sauce is to die for. However, I do not recommend the shrimp that I had. Not bad, just not up to the standards of most of the menu.

        2. re: Professor Salt

          Gabbi's is great! Recent out of town guests requested we go there three times!

        3. There are a few good places on Chapman, east of the 55. Super casual, but great food.

          (1) Johnny Rebs' Southern Roadhouse
          2940 East Chapman Avenue
          Orange, CA 92689

          I like the St. Louis Ribs and the sweet potato fries, but they do it right with much of their menu. And, service is efficient and congenial. Go and mess it up !

          (2) Taco Mesa
          3533 E Chapman Ave
          Orange, CA 92869
          Phone: (714) 633-3922

          Sometimes, their specials are the best on the menu. My favorite on their regular menu is the salmon enchiladas in a creamy lime sauce.

          And, another choice across town (maybe your preferred area) is
          Cafe TuTu Tango
          20 City Blvd W
          Orange, CA 92868
          (714) 769-2222

          Too much likings there to mention, but I may be including kudos for atmosphere.

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          1. re: kc girl

            Don't agree on Tu Tu Tango -- not worth it... but your other two suggestions are spot-on. The taco alambre at Taco Mesa is worth the drive, and I love Johnny Reb's -- it's probably the best Southern food in the LA area.

            In addition, there's Pepito's near the Block (they have wonderful enchiladas oaxacas, very good posole and quite good chile verde), there's J. T. Schmid's (brewpub gone slightly upscale) on Katella (technically across the river into Anaheim), there's good sandwiches and gelato at Caffe Lucca in the Orange Circle and of course there's King Harbor Seafood (technically in Garden Grove) and King Lobster Palace, Darya or Tulsa Rib Company, all on Tustin St. in Orange.

            1. re: russkar

              Does Gabbi's take reservations? (or will arriving at 11:30 assure a table?)

              P.S. so fun to hear from the 'old familiar faces'.... :)

            2. How about really good hole in the wall Thai at Bangkok Taste, just south of the 22 freeway on Main, next to the Big Lots. (the street is Main south of the 22, and Glassell north of the freeway.)

              There is a bit of an emphasis on Northeast (Isaan) style food on the menu; grilled meats, spicy salads, even sticky rice is on the menu. In my opinion this is where they excel. Many of their dishes are superior to the wonderful Thai Nakorn in Stanton, in my opinion, although their menu is not quite as extensive. (Nam Sod Khao Tod, for example.)

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              1. re: OCchowman

                Actually it is on Glassel/Grand not Main - & it is very good!