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Jul 25, 2008 09:10 PM

Garlic and Pepper Thai in Tuckahoe still open?

I called last week for takeout and no one picked up. I drove by today and it was closed. Are they taking a few days off for the summer? Or have they closed for good?

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  1. I drove by today, they appeared to be open.

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    1. re: chowdom

      That's music to my ears!

      Tuckahoe has become a bit of a culinary center since I moved away a few years ago. An American Bistro, Spice Village, Garlic & Pepper, Quarry Inn, Burrito Poblano and Roma are all pretty good.

    2. pabboy, the word in Tuckahoe is that the place is now in new hands....doubt if the menu format will stay the same.

      1. We went to what we thot was Garlic and Pepper on August 1. The sign is still outside of the restaurant. But it has changed owners and its name is now called "Tangerine Thai". (!!!)

        They are having a official opening later this week. For now they have no liquor license, which is OK with me. Our waitress was a holdover from Garlic & Pepper and said the new owners took out a jukebox and other stuff that made the bar area very very loud. It was peaceful in there -- we were the only ones eating (it was about 4pm). The food from the "mini-menu" (only in effect until the Aug 8 opening) was very good.

        But -- I hope they take the time before the opening to freshen up the place. It badly needs a fresh coat of paint to cover the stains all over the walls, and its need some updated lighting. Hey new owner, now is the time.

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        1. re: fpjr

          I sure hope they do something, but unfortunately, unless they hit it out of the park with the food, it's not going to last. Where it is located, it's not exactly drawing them in. I liked Garlic and Pepper the two times I was there, but the third time I was there the music was cranking (which is probably why the new owner pulled it out) and ironically someone was sleeping on the floor near the bar (at about 7PM) We walked out after that one.

          I would like it to work, but the food has got to be better than G&P, which I liked but other's I know who like Thai a lot more I do, said it was very average.

          1. re: fpjr

            Anyone try this place since they got up and running full speed? Also, anyone know if they do delivery?

            1. re: baysider

              This new incarnation is supremely better! It is on par with any of the great Thai food we have had in the city and I think their Tom Kha Gai soup is the best I’ve ever had. I’m not sure about delivery but I would highly recommend eating here (we tried it when it was Garlic and Peppers and we were disapointed).

              We had been there twice since it’s reopened as Tangerine Thai and both times it has been outstanding.

              1. re: shopgirlnyc

                do you have an address? i'd like to try it this weekend.

                1. re: shopgirlnyc

                  I'm certainly all about the food shopgirl but can you tell me if they improved the decor? I felt like I was eating in a 1970's bowling alley/bar/rec room.

                  1. re: laylag

                    Based on the picture on the Tangerine Thai homepage, the decor hasn't changed much.

                2. re: baysider

                  A visiting vegetarian relative had a yen for Thai food this past weekend, so, having recently read these posts, I recommended we give Tangerine Thai a try. It was a big success with our group of five. It IS a bit hidden away unless you know just where to look. And they were not terribly busy. Now that we've found it, I hope they make a success of the place.

              2. The address is 90 Yonkers Avenue, Tuckahoe 10707. If your coming from the train station (uptown side of the tracks) make a left onto Main St cross the tracks go through the light and make a quick left, and your there.

                1. Think of the irony with this one. The food there now is strict Vietnamese and healthy. Very good. Went for lunch. But again, the location will kill them. Then you have Dean at Ole Stone Mill with his McDonalds line cook, Michael Gallo, with one of the most beautiful locations and plenty of parking. It's a shame they don't give up the space to someone that wants to take the place serious (still laugh when I see the re-runs of Kitchen Nightmares). Garlic & Pepper was OK but it was too much fried food. And yes, it does still feel like you're in a bowling alley.

                  Just for the record though. The place did well 20+ years ago when it was a burger and beer joint. Used to be a mixed crowd between 17 and up. Ahh the old days when the NYS drivers license had no picture... :)

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                  1. re: antrogers1964

                    got take out last nite. excellent soup, but otherwise very mediocre, and expensive. the place was completely empty at 730pm.

                    1. re: antrogers1964

                      antrogers, I think it was called the Maplewood back in the day when it was a bar and burger joint. they got busted several times for not checking iD's. I hung out there a few times, had some great fights and a lot of fun as a teen. then it got too rough after awhile. I had a friend get slashed and needed 150 stitches on his face. The place was packed every night.

                      1. re: JMF

                        Just before he closed the bar, Tommy got a very, very good chef in and tried to give it a go as a bar/restaurant unfortunately it just never took off which is too bad because the food was excellent. By the way I hung out there 20+ years ago and don't recall a rough crowd or a single fist fight, or a bust are you sure you are not thinking of the Troc Mar?

                        1. re: chowdom

                          I remember hearing that they got a good chef in, but that was pretty late in the game. I hung there occasionally in the late 70's and early 80's. It was a great place that turned bad around mid 80's for awhile. In a short period of time it went from fun, with a local, very young crowd, 16-22, to a rougher crowd of boys who had to prove themselves. I have no clue what happened after that since everyone moved on to other bars like the Wheel, CP on Central, Pat's, etc. I wasn't a regular there, but many friends were. I was at the Wheel playing darts with $1 beers and CP for pool with $1 drinks, and Pat's for $2 pitchers and playing quarters.