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Jul 25, 2008 08:55 PM

Review: "The Place", Guilford CT

After seeing a few reviews on this site, my wife and I decided to go.

Bring money, lots of it.

Bring your own beer.

Bring a bib.

Oh yeah, bring money.

As other posts have stated, The Place is an outdoor restaurant where you sit on cut logs and get served seafood that has been either grilled or boiled. In the case of a piece of salmon, they steam it in tin foil.

The menu is small and consists of lobster, clams with a special tomato based sauce (kind of like cocktail), mussels in garlic, steak, and chicken.

Nothing fancy at all, and certainly nothing you can't do in your own backyard grill. The grilled corn is absolutely terrible--both our pieces came out burned, and it was TOUGH--I had to floss my teeth with 50# test monofilament afterwards. The clams and mussels are quite good though.

It's a good place to go if you want to have a cookout, just not at your own house, or a friends, or a relatives, or at your neighbors.....get my drift? :)

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  1. those bbq"ed clams are pretty awesome,the sauce is really go back there just for them,like you said everything else you can make yourself at home better.some of the diners get pretty crazy,bringing their own tableclothes and stuff,its kinda funny.and its weird too,you gotta bring all your own salads and sides and the i said,id go back for the clams,bring a rack of beer,then go home and have a proper cookout .

    1. Thank you for the review. I haven't been there in years, and was wondering how it is now. Think I might try it again. Also, we always brought BUG SPRAY!