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Jul 25, 2008 08:30 PM

Best cold Vietnamese spring roll in Hollywood/East?

The uncooked kind with the rice stick noodles and shrimp. I've always preferred w peanut sauce and the chili sauce, but not sure if that's authentic...

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  1. Gingergrass on Glendale Avenue in Silverlake. Good cold spring rolls.

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      I'd want to A/B compare 'em with Indochine (Atwater), now that they've been going a while...

    2. Viet Noodle Bar in Atwater has them I think... and then there is always the prepackaged ones at A-1 Grocery Warehouse on Sunset.

      1. Personally, I haven't found any good ones in Hollywood/East. First of all, I would stay away from the word "cold". Many places serve them cold by sticking them in the fridge or keeping the ingredients too cold. A good spring roll should be more like room temp. Another thing some restaurants do to 'cheat' is put a bunch of noodles in the spring roll. I would rather have more veggies and meat than noodles. If I want noodles, I order Bun.

        If you really want to try the good stuff. Go to Alhambra and stop at Nem Nuong Kanh Hoa on Valley Blvd. You can get an order of spring rolls for about $3.50. They have amazing BBQ pork in their spring rolls and they also add fried shrimp rolls. You can also order a plate with all the ingredients to 'roll your own'. For about $12 you have enough food for two people.

        I drive there every week and it's always a treat. They also have great Bun Bo Hue and the owners are extremely nice.