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Great House-made Pasta Dishes

The recent thread about Artu suggests avoiding the pasta dishes there. It got me wondering about fresh, house-made pasta dishes. Where and what are your favorites?

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  1. The pasta "a la chitarra" at Dante is pretty good. They hand make the pasta on a machine that looks like guitar strings.

    I love the gnocci at Sel Del La Terre too. A lot of other gnocci that I have had since seem gummy by comparison.

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      I agree about the great gnocchi at SDLT. Grotto is the other place I've had them that gets them right, but I've suffered through a bunch of gummy ones, too, and at some board favorites.

    2. Tony Susi at Sage makes great fresh pasta, and gnocchi or anything else that Barbara Lynch makes at No. 9....

      1. Fettuccine with Lobster, Asparagus and Truffle Butter or Gnocchi Bolognese @ Sage..

        1. Believe it or not, Athan's Cafe in Brighton makes their own pasta. I recently had their gnocchi in a pesto cream sauce. Heavenly!

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            Chuck- I didn't know they had pasta there! Do you know if they serve the home-made pasta at the Washington Square location as well?

          2. Though my stomach can't handle pasta any more, I did love the home made fusili at Vinny's at Night, which was discussed a few days ago. I also hear their mafalde is delicious too, also homemade.

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              Prav speaks the truth re: Vinny's @ Night. Might sound ridiculous that my favorite pasta in town is a simple side of fusilli w/red sauce, but it's really outstanding. Taste and texture are excellent.

            2. Tagliatelle (Bolognese) at Via Matta.

              Anything at Basta Pasta in Cambridge.

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                I've tried Basta Pasta twice now and both times the pasta was over-cooked mush and the sauces just so-so.

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                  Really...mush? Sorry to hear that. After two bad experiences, I wouldn't blame you for not going back.

                  I have eaten there over a dozen times and never experienced anything like that. Just goes to show, there is some variability (in both quality and what one likes) out there.

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                  I second the Tagliatelle Bolognese at Via Matta. Their other pasta dishes are delicious as well. I recently had a basil sunchoke ravioli with summer truffles that were amazing.

                3. I've enjoyed several pasta dishes at Gran Gusto--most recently the pasta with lobster and fra diavolo sauce. I've also had their eggplant lasagna, and another pasta dish with shrimp and radicchio, iirc. Now that I've re-read your topic heading, I must admit that I don't know if the pasta is house-made, but it's definitely fresh, and they don't overcook it.

                  1. I had some kind of hand-rolled gnocci with blue cheese at Trattoria and it was to die for.

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                      The pasta with seafood in a white wine sauce at Monica's Trattoria is one of my favorites.

                    2. Carlos in Allston has some pretty fantastic fresh pasta. Ive never been disappointed with a meal there. Im also a fan of Giacomos-though I dont think they make their own pasta.

                      1. The pasta at La Morra is outstanding. I had a pappardelle with veal ragu there a few months ago that was some of the best pasta I've eaten outside Italy.

                        1. Stella's linguine, asparagus cream and truffle with a poached egg is by far my favorite home made pasta dish! Its honestly one of the only pasta dishes I actually crave- unfortunately my current monetary restraints have forced me to cut down my eating out habits, but I couldn't give this dish up I have tried recreate the dish at home (several attempts with little success)

                          1. Thanks for all the good recs so far. I can't believe there's only one in the North End (Monica's)! Can it be that there are no other moderately-priced NE joints making their own pasta?

                            I love good gnocchi, but I never considered it to be pasta. Is it?

                            I'm especially looking forward to trying Vinny's at Night and Dante. I'd slid Sage down my list when I heard about their strict "no substitutions" policy. Being a vegetarian with a nut allergy, I'd really have to luck into the right night. And I think it was MC Slim who mentioned in another post that Da Vinci has very good house-made pasta. There hasn't been a whole lot of talk about this place. Has anyone been recently? Still good pasta?

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                              You'll like Vinny's, the hand made pasta has a great texture and really holds the sauce. Another good place is Angelo's in Stoneham on rte 28.

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                                Thanks for the Angelo's tip. I didn't know about this place, and I've got two friends who live next door in Wakefield. They'll know about it soon enough, too.

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                                  Yum. Hooray for another one in the North End. I like that you can get any of their pasta dishes with homemade pasta for $2.50 extra. And the prices all-around look reasonable there. That vodka sauce sounds good, too.

                                  EDIT: meant as reply to soxchik.

                              2. I really love the pasta primavera on homemade pasta at Al Dente in the North End.