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Jul 25, 2008 07:31 PM

Denver's Alameda Square Eateries in Jeopardy

Love to stuff yourself Super Star Asian or Kings Land? Like to shop at Pacific Ocean International Market or Viet Hoa Market? Better hustle over and fill up and/or stock up. According to Jason Sheehan, who wrote about Alameda Square in this week's WESTWORD (, "But soon enough, it'll all be gone. After twenty years of fighting, twenty years of struggling, common sense and individuality have finally lost out. What Wal-Mart couldn't do, Brighton Corporation (out of Boise, Idaho) has done, acquiring the entire twenty-acre site in June with plans to raze it to the ground and build a brand-new $25 million shopping center with a Lowe's Home Improvement store as the anchor."

So Denverites, if you value those and other ethnic food stores in Alameda Square, time to start complaining to your elected officials to see if the done deal can be undone. And if Lowe's & Co is a reality, don't buy anything there -- EVER. If I lived/voted in Denver, I'd been on the front lines about this one.

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  1. The Denver Business Journal says the Denver Urban Renewal Authority is going to try to relocate the current occupants of Alameda Square, that some may be able to return after construction is completed:

    I doubt they'll allow multiple businesses of the same sort (both Viet Hoa and POM) back into the new center....

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      Still, that just SUCKS. Thanks to you both for the heads up. Guess we'd better plan that blowout KL dinner soon...Charsiu?

    2. No! This cannot be?!?! While I agree that Alameda Square needs a face lift, to replace all of the dim sum/ bakery/ supermarket/ pho options with another unnecessary big-box retailer makes me physically ill.

      This shopping center is a convenient stop for those of us who live east of I-25 and don't want to go all the way East to Federal, and that convenience will really be missed.

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        "All the east to Federal"? Your'e either being sarcastic or in sore need of a map. Alameda Square is 1 block from Federal.