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Jul 25, 2008 07:13 PM

Sgt. Recruiter Oysters?

Anyone been specifically for the raw bar? Do they have various oyster, clam, etc. options? Opinions on flavor, freshness, comfort of the place? We were going to head to Hungry Cat for raw seafood but thought of trying somewhere new (to us at least).


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  1. I wouldn't call Sgt Recruiter a raw bar. They do serve oysters but that's the only raw thing they serve. As far as shellfish they only have mussels and oysters. I can't remember the type of oysters I had when I was there because I was pretty drunk. I remember them being good though but take it with a grain of salt. Most people at the bar are drinking instead of eating. The wine list is really creative and reasonable. I would eat at Hungry Cat and then go for some good wine at Sgt Recruiter afterwards. I wrote a review of the Recruiter here:

    1. Also, the oysters are currently $18 for a half dozen, so make sure you ask the market price before ordering. I thought the oysters were better than the moules mariniere, which seemed a little bland and not hot enough.

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        Oysters served from May to August are spawning, and they can be somewhat watery and bland. The meat, sometimes, is smaller.

        That's the reason for the slogan "Oysters R in Season." Don't bother to spend a lot of dough on oysters in the summer months.

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          Not all oysters spawn for the entire summer. The further north you go, such as eating oysters from Washington State on the West Coast and the Canadian Maritimes on the East Coast - the later and shorter the spawning season.

          Ended up going to Hungry Cat. I had a half dozen Malpeques (PEI) and a half dozen cherrystone clams that were pretty fantastic. Perfectly accompanied by a Craftsman IPA. Although I gotta say, I preferred the clams, possibly due to the fact that there's a "chew" component involved with eating them. The oysters were deliciously briny but a few of them were on the small side (re: toitoi's comment). Plus, the shucker was a bit off - quite a few shell pieces made their way into my mouth.