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Jul 25, 2008 06:54 PM

Five Guys Burger in Park Slope

Five Guys is open. I was skeptical, but I now have to admit the food lives up to the hype. Flavorful double patty burger on a soft bun with your choice of toppings, excellent fries, and free peanuts in the shell while you're waiting. Yes, it's fast food, but great quality burger and fries.

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  1. You'll find lots of people on BOTH sides of the "love it!"/"Meh. Nothing special" fence when it comes to Five Guys.

    Personally, as a D.C. native (home of 5 Guys) I think their food is 1) incredibly tasty, 2) very reasonably priced (tips: get the small burger not the large, a small fries not a large, and try to skip the soda. It'll still be more than enough food and it's less than $5), and 3) very consistent.

    I've enjoyed them since they came to Brooklyn Heights. Enjoy!

    Books so good they'll keep you up past your bedtime. ;)

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    1. re: Peter

      The portion of regular fries is so ridiculously large that I wish they offered a small portion (maybe just the cup full of fries without the extra amount added to the bag). I'd even pay the same price-- I just feel bad wasting a lot of food because the portion size is ridiculous.

    2. Here's a complete guide from a Park Slope bulletin board

      1. Disgusting, greasy slop. Totaly belly-bombs with zero flavour. All hype, no substance. And this from a 5-star chef.

        Don't believe the hype.

        1. As a Five Guys fan, I felt it was my duty to make a visit to In 'n' Out while in L.A. this week. My results:

          In 'n' Out's milkshake isn't a great milkshake. A little bit below McDonalds on the global milkshake scar.

          Five Guys has no milk shake.

          Winner? In 'n' Out, by default.

          Five Guys wins hands-down. Five Guys has fries that are skin on, salted well, sometimes crispy. Always at least a B, usually a B+, sometimes an all-out A. And this isn't just for fast-food fries -- but for all fries everywhere. (The only fries I think are consistently better are Thrasher's Fries in Bethany Beach, DE)

          In 'n' Out's fries were soggy, no skin, a little too fat, no salt. Really, a vastly inferior fry. They reminded me of old Wendy's fries or maybe Roy Rogers. I give them a C-

          Winner? Five Guys by a mile.

          I won't go on about the Five Guys burgers -- enough has been written about them and my enjoyment of them has been mentioned here before. Bottom line: I think they're pretty great for the cost, convenience, etc and I give them an A- (again, for what they are -- not when compared to all burgers in all settings.)

          In 'n' Out Burger... I didn't exactly know what to expect. I'd had one years ago and remembered liking it. I just walked up and asked for "a hamburger". They aksed if I wanted onions. I said yes. What I got was a mediocre bun, tons of iceberg lettuce, a flavorless tomato slice, heaps of "sauce" which resembled russian dressing with a bit of pickle relish tossed in... and a very thin, utterly flavorless patty. Really, the thinnest patty I've ever seen. Maybe, and I'm being generous, the thickness of a stack of 3 nickles. When I ate the burger all I tasted was russian dressing and bun, with a bit of lettuce crunch. If you took the meat out I never would have noticed. I give these burgers a D+.

          Winner? Five Guys in a landslide.

          ...Not that they're needed as tie-breakers but Five Guys also wins on cleanliness, friendliness, seating, ambiance, etc. Of course, I could have been at an especially lame In 'n' Out.

          Bottom line -- I don't get what all the fuss is with In 'n' Out. Five Guys kicks their ass. :)


          Books so good they'll keep you up past your bedtime. ;)

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          1. re: Peter

            "Five Guys kicks their ass."

            while i do like them both, i just spit green tea all over my screen!lol

            1. re: TBird

              I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in the fast food realm beats All American Drive-In in Massapequa.

              1. re: elecsheep9

                If you 5 Guys are good give Joe's Best Burger in Flushing a shot. Even better and cheaper. Try a double with bacon.

                1. re: fcara

                  I was working in Flushing for a while, and it was right about the time that the 5 Guys College Point location opened up. One day I made the trek to see what it's all about. Once, never again. It was allright but overpriced, I think I spent like $10 for lunch, maybe more. Joe's is definitely a better bet in that area.

                  As to the fries- what elecsheep9 says is true. Nothing beats All American in Massapequa for handcut fries in terms of quality or price (and you don't have to get a big container of them.) Man, was that point driven home to me that day.

            2. re: Peter

              Peter, Great post! I've heard about Five Guys for years on forums like this. When they finally moved into N.J. about 2 years ago I went for the first time expecting not to like them. I concluded from what I read that they were probably an overhyped chain, perhaps a little better than McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's. Was I surprised! I love their burgers and fries. As someone who has sampled hot dogs from literally hundreds of places, I can say that Five Guys serves a good dog too, but after the first time, I only got burgers and fries when I went back. I treat myself about once a month.

              I find the burgers, fresh, juicy, and delicious. And we have good burgers in New Jersey. I've never been to In-N-Out, but Jason Perlow of Off The Broiler, someone whose opinions I respect, told me that they are the most overrated burger joint. He loves Five Guys. Check out his review and pictures on his site and on A Hamburger Today.

              I've also heard that quality varies from store to store at Five Guys, but the three I've been to in my area are consistently good. Five Guys sort of reminds me of a popular hot dog joint in Jersey, Rutt's Hut, in that there seems to be a wide range of opinions. People love it or hate it. Called the best hot dog joint on the planet as well as the worst. The only thing I can say is go and decide for yourself. I love Five Guys and am glad they are in my area.

              1. re: hotdoglover

                "Jason Perlow of Off The Broiler, someone whose opinions I respect, told me that they are the most overrated burger joint."

                i'd question his sanity at this point. :-)

                1. re: TBird

                  Why? Because he thinks In-N-Out is overrated? Unfortunately I can't comment because I've never had a burger from there.

                  1. re: hotdoglover

                    "Because he thinks In-N-Out is overrated?"


            3. It's kinda funny that nobody differentiates between a fried burger and a grilled burger. All high quality restaurants do their burgers on a regular flame grill. Fast food joints do it on a flat There are a million local neighborhood joints that'll do up a burger on the flat, and most of them are as good as 5 Guys here in Chicago.
              Yes, 5 Guys is good for a fried burger, but their patties are tiny and the price is ridiculous for what it is...almost $10 for burger, fries, and drink. Yes, the fries are indeed good, and gargantuously portioned, but personally, I like White Castle crinkle cut fries best. If I want a real burger, I'll go for a half pound flame grilled burger (NOT BK), not a fried burger. In my humble, yet correct opinion, 5 Guys is WAAAAAAAY overrated. Gimme a good steakhouse burger any day of the week, and twice on Sundays. Jackson's Hole is a great example. Haven't tried In-N-Out yet, but I suspect it's fried as well, yes?