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Jul 25, 2008 05:45 PM

King of Tandoor, Philly

New place, 1824 Callowhill, favorably reviewed today in the Philly Daily News. Anyone been?

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  1. Yep. It's definitely no Tiffin, but it's not bad. If I lived in the neighborhood and wanted to have Indian but didn't want to drive to Tiffin, I'd go back. We had a little problem with the service but it was their first week in business and they sort of comped us an entree, so no problem.

    1. my SO went there when it opened and loved it.

      oh btw there's also a new place in fishtown on girard called ekta... the owner was a former tiffin chef. i can't remember if i've seen this posted here yet or not. i plan on trying both out soon!

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        I should have known that Rabidog would be on the case of any new Indian place!!!! I wonder if ekta is near Tiffin on Girard?

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          ekta kicks @ss. just went there last night. my sister thinks it is better than tiffin, i think that they are neck and neck, HOWEVER, their masaladar chala dish is off the charts good. i've never had a meal at tiffin that was so holy crap, perfection! though i have always raved about tiffin too....

        2. I got delivery from here last week - very good and quick delivery. I had samosa that came with 2 chutneys and the "red onions", garlic naan - perfectly done and wrapped, felt like i was eating it fresh in the restaurant, and a chicken dish that i can't remember the name but red spicy sauce with onions, peppers and indian pickle mixed in - i believe it was called chicken achari...I've never been to Tiffin but I have had alot of indian food and this was pretty good for my standards.
          Special note on the delivery - I was quoted 30-40 minutes - the delivery man got there in 35 minutes and apologized for being late - I thought that was really nice considering he wasn't late at all!