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Jul 25, 2008 05:28 PM

Does The Joint in Bywater taste as good as it looks on TV?

I'm from Memphis and have never dreamed of eating BBQ in NOLA, but what I saw on TV makes me want to try it out when I'm back in town in a couple of weeks.

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  1. Hey Ross, Saw that too, it's on our short list! We'll be there August 7-13th, Who ever gets there first--Post a review!! Where else has your attention? We've done the old school/high end in trips past,and this time it's going to be our own version of Diners, Drive-Inn's and Dive's!!Can't wait! Anyone have any rec's for "hole in the wall"-best damn food ever?

    1. Yes it does. BBQ is not a hot ticket in NOLA but The Joint is arguably the best in town.

      1. i had a great bbq lunch there in june. i have to first say i'm not a ribs kind of guy. i had the brisket sandwich & my friend had the pulled pork. both were excellent. the potato salad & mac & cheese were very good but at least try the smoked tomato/onion dressing salad. is this kc or memphis or north carolina? no. but it's fantastically good for a city that does not place ANY real emphasis on bbq.

        1. My darling husband loves bbq, his favorite place is the Smoky Pig in Georgia (Columbus area, maybe?). He compares the Joint very favorably to the Pig. I don't know that much about bbq, but I love it. It's definitely not Memphis style, so don't go in expecting that. The owner's bbq roots are GA/SC/NC/VA. There's an actual woodburning smoker out back.

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            I think a lot of people have a misconception of what Memphis style BBQ is. I think much of the confusion is because of the popularity of the Rendezvous. Because of the Rednezvous many folks mistakenly think Memphis is a dry BBQ town. In fact, that's not the case. While some BBQ joints have added dry ribs to their menus, many BBQ joints in Memphis don't even serve dry ribs. For years and years the Rendezvous was the ONLY place in Memphis that you could get dry ribs.

            Memphis BBQ is pork shoulder (as opposed to whole hog predominant in the Carolinas) and ribs with a ketchup based BBQ sauce (as opposed to vinegar based). Both smoked at 225 degrees for a LONG time with charcoal and/or wood.

            The guy at The Joint was smoking a shoulder (not whole hog) and ribs and had both ketchup based AND vinegar based sauce.

          2. I'm a harsh bbq critic and was disappointed with The Joint. They could spend more time trimming the brisket and their sauces were weak. But it is the closest I've found in NoLa to decent bbq.