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Jul 25, 2008 05:10 PM


Where are the best onion rings in Orlando? Anyone? Thanks.

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  1. We lament the dearth of fine onion rings in Orlando and extol those who show even the slightest promise; however, I don't think your inquiry commands three separate posts in this Florida board, each written in ALLCAPS.

    In that vein, I recommend the onion rings and onion straws at Wolfgang Puck's located in Downtown Disney; they are featured along with certain steak dishes they offer, but I suspect they would be willing to sell a plate for a nominal fee.

    For a lower cost alternative, I recommend those at Steak & Shake, although there is nothing special about them.

    1. I love the onion rings at Fuddruckers at Festival Bay Mall on International Drive.

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        The problem with most onion rings is beer batter! Steak and shake and most other fast food places use bread crumbs. I want a place that has buttermilk battered onion rings.

      2. the best i have had recently is at johnnys fillin station at michigan and ferncreek. the burgers there are pretty darn good too.

        1. Hubby and I like the Ale House onion rings. Small order is plenty, large is enough for a meal, entire football game or 4 people. :)