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Jul 25, 2008 04:55 PM

Fried chicken and waffles in Orlando

Anyone know to find some, and where to find the best?

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  1. yeah, in morningside heights

    1. Haven't been but theres a place called the Florida Waffle Shop right by Millenia. Has been intriguing me for some time, so let me know, if you go...

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      1. re: mmuch

        There's not much at Florida Waffle Shop by which to be intrigued; its no more than an glorified Denny's or Waffle House. That is not to say that the food isn't good - they do an adequate job with traditional breakfast items and some limited sandwich and salad offerings. I think the OP was looking for "Chicken & Waffles" in the "Soul Food" variety; while fried chicken smothered with gravy and served on buttered waffles isn't everyone's ideal way to start the day, it's de rigueur at "Chicken & Waffle" establishments like Roscoes (L.A.) or Wells (NYC).

      2. Graze offers them for Brunch, they are supposed to be wonderful.
        Chicken and Waffles . . . 11
        Crispy chicken breast, malted Belgium waffle, molasses butter, fried sage, maple syrup

        Graze Restaurant

        100 S. Eola Drive
        Orlando, FL 32801
        (407) 650-0038

        1. There's a place on West 50, just west of Barnett Park, called Hip Hop Diner. I haven't stopped by yet, but they have a big sign in the front window that says "Chicken and Waffles All Day". Looks like a southern/soul food place, so it might be genuine.

          No chicken and waffles at the Florida Waffle Shop, so don't bother.

          Graze's chicken and waffles would probably be good, though it is a bit more expensive than the usual order. Graze is good all around, but way more expensive than a place where you'd usually find chicken and waffles.

          Please, if you find a good place to get some, post it up. I wanna know.

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          1. re: jdc111

            OK, now I'm really curious, because a BBQ place outside of Gainesville just started advertising "Chicken and Waffles on Sundays" and I've been bewildered! Is this normally served with gravy or with the maple syrup one poster mentioned?

            1. re: Podie1956

              I like mine with syrup, though fried chicken & gravy is good, too, with a biscuit instead of a waffle. Chicken & waffle is awesome. Lots of people think it's a bit weird to have something sweet (syrup) with their chicken, but it goes together so well. Many places in the south, and elsewhere, do honey-dipped fried chicken and that's awesome, too. Give it a try.

              1. re: jdc111

                Yes it is! They serve it at the dogtrack in monticello. Damn good a little bowl of honey in the center of a plate of some damn good fried chicken! It's really more common in north fla.