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Jul 25, 2008 04:27 PM

Mool yut (Korean barley malt syrup)?

I'm looking for traditional 100% barley syrup.

The brands they have at Koreana plaza are mostly corn syrup. Some have no barley at all.

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  1. What's the difference b/w Korean and other 100% barley malt syrups?

    1. Wow, Mool Yut, you are officially the "foodiest" foodie ever ; )

      1. Try the macrobiotic section in a health food store. 100% barley malt syrup is available as an alternative sweetener. Rainbow or Other Avenues and of course Whole Foods.

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        1. re: magnaghi

          Supposedly the domestic brands don't have the same flavor.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            One could always taste them to find out.