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Jul 25, 2008 03:52 PM

Shanghai Soup Dumplings on the Westside?

Does anyone know where I can find these delicious morsels? I have been having a Joe's Shanghai (NYC Chinatown) Soup Dumpling craving!

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  1. Do you consider Torrance to be Westside? That's probably as close as you'll get.

    1. Westside? Probably you are completely out of luck. If you feel like perusing some of the discussion on this subject check out the threads below. Good hunting.

      1. Best bet is to keep going west past Santa Monica ... all the way to Beijing.

        1. you might want to try a search here but in addition to the phrase "soup dumpling" try xiao long bao as three words and one word, "xlb" as well, and even "tang bao".

          I think there's more of a trend toward calling them xlb on this board than the loose soup dumpling.

          good luck.

          (try calling jin jiang on santa monica. they used to be a shanghai style (huaiyang) food place in the beginning. they switched over to hongkong/cantonese when the neighborhood didn't support the style, and have done well since then. they might have them)

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          1. re: Jerome

            Jin Jiang looks like they copied their menu from every other westside Chinese restaurant:

            1. re: Servorg

              they used to serve gingko with gluten, etc.huaiyang stuff. eel. etc. they sell what westsiders will buy.

              1. re: Jerome

                It was great when they opened up (as Jasmine Tree, I believe) to have Shanghai style rice cakes etc. I guess there's no demand for that kind of stuff on the Westside.

          2. I just went to Joe's (midtown branch though) and have been to the Chinatown branch many times and their soup dumplings are different to what you get here (and we call them XLB or xiao long bao -- "soup dumpling" doesn't appear on anyone's menu).

            The short answer to your question is "no" -- there is no Chinese food worth any kind of drive on the Westside.