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Jul 25, 2008 03:28 PM

Wilmington, NC - Kiva Grill

Do any Chowhounds have any news about the Kiva? They've changed the name to Baja Grill and I was wondering if the owners, chef, and/or menu have changed.

Also, has anyone been to Mako's in Scott's Hill since the ownership change?


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  1. Its the same Owner and the same food,Maybe a little change on the menu.He just down scaled the name to draw more people in.Have never been to Makos they always look empty to me.

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    1. re: jellybear

      I highly recommend the shrimp and pineapple quesadillas....Awesome!

    2. It is NOT the same food. They have brought the level of food (ie overhead) down to being more common kinds of Mexican stuff, just like the other K38 Baja Grill location (intown). I have a full review here:

      Wednesday night is $1 taco night. Pretty good deal. Hopefully they've figured out how to serve chips that aren't limp and coated in grease, and fixed the horrible tasting water.