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Jul 25, 2008 03:02 PM

PDX rec for chef's tasting menu?

the last post i could find on this was 03... we (2 couples) want to do one really spectacular dinner and have been searching chowhound for recs. so far, lucier looks promising and i thought i saw somewhere that park kitchen will do a tasting menu and have read mostly good reviews of the restaurant. can anyone steer us in the right direction? looking to do a 5 or 6 course tasting menu, with wine pairings.


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  1. Park Kitchen would be a good choice. Alberta Street Oyster bar would be another. The View Point Inn isn't too far from 205 and does this well too and will do different courses for each guest at the table. And yes, Lucier would be an experience and might do different courses per person on a not so busy night I've been told.

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      We recently did a six course tasting menu at Carlyle. I believe it was $95.00 per person, although it did not include wine pairings. Aside from some initial miscommunication regarding a vegetarian in our group, the dinner was awesome. If it's available, ask for the "garden table".

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        kaff - both couples are celebrating anniversaries and we'd like to find a fitting ambience. lucier looks a bit over the top to me, does it come off as stuffy?

        alberta street oyster and park kitchen both look intriguing, but maybe a bit too cozy and/or loud from the close quarters. can you confirm my hunches?

        can't seem to find any interior photos of carlyle. we'd like to go somewhere that feels warm and casually elegant, that's not too loud. nothing ultra modern that looks like another philippe starck designed restaurant...

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          You should try Clarklewis for a chef's tasting menu. I think it is right around $50 per person or so. The space is amazing ( warm + casually elegant - what you are seeking) and in the summer they open these big doors and let the summer breeze flow through the restaurant. Its very nice, but also very relaxed. There is no other place like it in the city. Your group would be sure to have a good time there without blowing your bank accounts.

          I have only had cocktails at Carlyle, but did tour the place at the garden table is very pretty.

          Beast has a prix fixe dinner all night, in fact that is all they do. Your group would also really enjoy themselves there. Although I think they are closed for holiday right now.
          This city has lots to offer. If you have a specific place in mind, and they do not offer a tasting menu, just ask if the chef will do one for your group. Most places will be happy to do so.

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            thanks heather_ette, i do really like the look and ambience of clarklewis, but noticed they have many hit or miss reviews. are they more solid now? i read a few articles saying that new management and chefs were in place as of spring 08.

            1. re: beachbunnySD

              Clarklewis went through a very rocky time to get back up to the top. It essentially went through a very public "divorce". It takes a while to bounce back. And clarklewis has bounced back.

              I have always found that clarklewis in the summertime is the best place to be. The pasta is made fresh from scratch every single day by the same gentleman who has worked there from the start. And even some of the same wait staff are still in place, from the very beginning. The new chef in place is great and I have enjoyed the food there each time I have been over the past few months. And service has gotten better since the "management" changed. I think the changes that have been made are positive and the place is solid and the food is really delicious. You really cant go wrong....good luck with your search for the perfect place.