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Jul 25, 2008 02:59 PM

Mountain City TN


We will be staying in Mountain City for one night on a drive from New York City to Arkansas. Any suggestions on dinner, local spots, etc. as we pass through the Virgina/TN border?


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  1. You're pretty much out of luck in Mountain City. I have property near there and never go there to eat.There's a place called Suba's that a friend of mine likes, but he goes for quantity as a measurement. There are no casual chains, just Hardee's fast food type places. You'll have to go to Elizabethton TN for Chili's, Fatz etc..I heard about a new Mexican place, but I am sceptical about it. If you don't mind a short but pretty 30 minute ride ride - go to Damascus VA. Try Damascus Eats for sandwiches or Sicily's for a creditable pizza. For better choices make the trek to Abingdon VA - a beautiful town with several good places - Wildflour, Allison's, or the Pepper Mill.

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      Definitely second that...the drive is relatively short and scenery along the way makes it all worth it.

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        thanks - any suggestions for stops between Mountain City and Nashville?

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          After a long drive we stayed in town and ate at Suba. The food was pretty good - I had smoked trout cakes and my son and I shared an amazingly lighit coconut cream pie.

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            Thanks for the update- I'll give it a try.
            The area around Mt. City is beautiful - we don't go for the food!

    2. I have to say that I've always enjoyed the meals I've had at Suba's. I don't typically eat desserts, but that is certainly something to look forward to if you do. They're gorgeous.

      As for the food, I think it's quite good -- my brother-in-law is a former chef, and he sings Suba's praises. I always get the smoked trout cakes, but my sister loves-loves-loves the pecan-crusted chicken. (The sweet potato fries are always our appetizer.)

      One of the best things about Suba's is the reception you get when you walk in the door. Folks are friendly and helpful, I've never had bad service there.

      Suba's is by far the best meal you'll find in Mountain City, and we're proud of what they've done with their restaurant. It's hillbilly gourmet at its best!

      1. Subas is an excellent restaurant and i've never had a bad meal at this place either, and excellent friendly service. I go down (from Philadelphia) to visit my folks who live near there and we usually go to dinner there one night, or even lunch. For dinner, i love the tuna steak, cooked to order. Delicious. My husband gets the ranchero chicken or the trout, both are excellent. the best part is the desserts - they are all homemade, by the chef's wife (co-owner) and are incredible. we always split one because they are so rich and heavy but you MUST save room for dessert. I definitely wouldn't call this place hilbilly!

        There is a mexican place there now - but it gets mixed reviews. some like it. some say its awful and bland. i can't say myself b/c i haven't been. For lunch theres a place called Craigs Cafe - decent lunch type food, homemade soups, etc. Lastly, several friends of mine rave about Thai Food - i think the place is called Monsoon Thai Food maybe... but they say its awesome. small sitting area though.

        Personally though the only NICE place (and great food for sure) is subas. But be aware of their closing times - if you arrive at closing, they will NOT seat you, no exceptions it seems.