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Jul 25, 2008 02:57 PM

Has Anybody Tried Trattoria Al Forno in Havehill?

My bride (of 34 years) wants to take advantage of the "Greater Merrimack Valley Restaurant Week" (actually lasts 2 weeks) and the menu listed here looked interesting. Is it worth a gamble?

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  1. i've only heard that is an 'ok' red sauce italian place.
    Olivia's (the other side of Kruegers) is fairly decent.

    1. I went recently and the food was fine, but the service was horrible. I'm almost positive this place is owned by the same people who used to own the place where J.P. McBride's is now in Haverhill, and if I had known that before, I wouldn't of even bothered. They do have a nice wood fired brick oven in the place and the guy tending it definitely knew what he was doing.

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        and as a neighbor i really want to see an awning there. it looks Horrible from the outside. and Honestly, i think that, in and of itself is the reason i have not been.

      2. I know this is late, but I really liked this place the time I went.