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Jul 25, 2008 02:52 PM

Sunday Lunch in Paris

We'll be in Paris the first weekend of October and want to meet friends for a great wine soaked bistro or brasserie lunch - on a Sunday. Does anyone know who might be open besides a hotel restaurant? Thanks!

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  1. It is going to be a long list because going out for a long Sunday lunch with friends and family is quite traditional in France and so many of places are open. It would help if you were more specific about location, budget, and style of food.

    1. I often go to Benoit for sunday lunch. It is not cheap, but very good and reliable with excellent professional service. Most waiters speak english if your french is not quite there yet.

      1. Thanks PhilD...we're staying in the 6th and heading to Gare de Lyon for mid afternoon...So something open about 11 am; we prefer typical bistro food (love Paul Bert). Nothing with a star! Any thoughts are appreciated.

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          A few thoughts for classic brasseries in the area. Brasserie Balzar on rue des Ecoles in the 5eme opens at 12:00 and is good; Brasserie Lipp on bld St Germain in the 7eme is worth visiting for the history and the food isn't bad. But probably the best bet is Le Train Bleau which is actually at Gare De Lyon, on the 1st floor, and opens at 11:30. The food is only OK, but not expensive, however the decor is absolutely superb, a real historical gem. It is worth seeing once and so why not eat there before your train leaves -