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Jul 25, 2008 02:44 PM

casual dinner near Riverbank State Park?

My softball team has a late game at Riverbank State Park next week, and we'd like to eat dinner in that neighborhood before the game. Can anyone recommend a casual place where a group of people in (clean) athletic attire could get a reasonable dinner? There are a couple of vegetarians in the group, so we'd need some options for them. Thanks.

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  1. I've always had good food at the One Stop Jamaican place on amsterdam just south of 145. I'm not sure if they have enough seating for 10+ people though. You could go to Dinosaur BBQ 2 stops away on the 1, they take reservations so that might be good, I believe they are still not open on Mondays. A lot of the places around 145 are pretty small so a really big group makes some of them not so practical.

    1. Covo on 12th Ave@135th St. is just wonderful for pastas, pizza and more dinner type entrees. Moderately priced with attactive al fresco seating in addition to inside. Very varied menu, including veg options. Here's a link:

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        Thanks, Alan and City Kid. I'll pass your suggestions along.

      2. You could also go to the Bus Stop diner on 135th and Broadway. They definitely have enough seating for a group.

        For Mexican, El Toro Partido on Broadway around 140th is good. Depending on the size of the group, it could be a tight squeeze, though. Acapulco Caliente is on Broadway around 143rd and is also good Mexican, and large enough to accommodate a group.

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          We ended up going to the Bus Stop diner as the fast and cheap option. Maybe next time we'll try one of the other places. I appreciate everyone's responses.