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Jul 25, 2008 02:42 PM

Grandma's pizza in Miami?

Ok I know we are totally challenged with pizza in our beloved city. However, does anyone know of place that tries to make grandma's pizza in Miami? I just had Frankie's (Bird Rd for the last 50 years) but I would really love to try a grandma's style of pizza.

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  1. What is "Grandma's style" pizza?

    1. Oh i totally LOVE grandma's pizza; haven't had it since NY. no cheese, lots of onions and bread crumbs, that's the way they made it at Zino's. Okay my mouth is watering now.

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      1. re: Manderley

        Just left Miami and had the worst pizza ever at a spot... I'm new.. can I name that spot?...anyway is Zino's in Miami? We are going back in 3 weeks. had good pizza at the Big Cheese about 1 year ago. Great salad too

        1. re: 2cooks5eaters

          I'm sure there are at least a million Zino's. The one i used to go to is in Holbrook, on Long Island, NY. (sigh). I sure do miss New York pizza.

      2. From what I hear it is a thin square pizza with canned and fresh tomato sauce, lots of garlic and it does have mozzarella cheese. Apparently, originating in Long Island, NY. Now I love Frankie's and it is square pizza but they do not have fresh tomato in their sauce. BTW Frankie's is way better than Big Cheese. Frankie's is only take out.

        1. Just had a great Grandma Pizza from a new place in North Miami Beach (dixie highway) called Kings County Pizza. Regular slice was legit too. Owner worked at Umberto's (Long Island)