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Jul 25, 2008 02:27 PM

Olga's Diner Seized!

I was just listening to NJN news and they said Olga's Diner down at the 72/70 circle has been seized due to $37,000 in owed backtaxes. I never did get to try the place out for myself...

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  1. Heather a long time ago - circa 1970 I spent a lot of time in south Jersey and Olga's was an institution. Life goes on - things change and unless you were around back then you probably didn't miss much.

    1. When we lived in PA, Olga's was our favorite stop on the way "down the shore" Haven't been there since we moved to OC a few years ago. It always seemed busy, but perhaps they fell on hard times.

      1. That diner has been horrible for several years, not to mention dirty last time I was there. What a shame they ran that business into the ground. Prime location and an easy spot to meet people at. All they had to do was provide decent diner food and they couldn't even keep that together.
        I'm not surprised to hear this info. Maybe someone else will buy it and reopen with good food. The Marlton Diner on 70 is a safe bet if you need a diner in that area.

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          Only ate there once in my life and didn't think much of it as a diner. I guess at one time it was something special. Maybe someday it will be again.


        2. TRENTON — The owners of the landmark Olga's Diner in Marlton have reached a deal to pay back about $37,000 in state taxes.

          The diner was seized by the state government last week.

          1. Actually, it's located on the 73/70 circle. There is no diner on the 72/70 circle. Between these two is the 206/70 cricle, and there you have the Red Lion Diner - which is actually pretty decent diner fare.

            Sorry about being picky with details like that.