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Jul 25, 2008 02:22 PM

Breakfast Calgary Downtown?

I am trying to find a good place to go to Breakfast on the weekend not to far from the downtown core. I was looking at the Nellie's on 4th as an option, but I saw some reviews that have made me hesitate. Does anybody have recent information about it, or other good options? Thanks

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  1. are you on foot, or do you simply not wish to drive out to the suburbs? Both Artisan Bistro and Diner Deluxe are both just outside downtown (in Bridgeland) and IMHO are two of the best spots in town for breakfast. I could add Eat! Eat! (in Inglewood) as well, really. All 3 are innumerably better than any Nellie's location. Eat! Eat! and Diner Deluxe will probably have lineups.

    Avenue Diner used to be very good as well, but I haven't been in some time. In a slightly different vein, the Palomino does a limited brunch on the weekends as well, with some good brisket hash and the like, putting their BBQ leftovers to good use. The service last I was there (for food) was very slack, though.

    1886 buffalo cafe (not sure if that's exactly what it's called...) in Eau Claire also does a decent breakfast.... And then there's the brunch at the River Cafe....

    There's also Trader's Grill in the Marriott, which has a pretty respectable buffet brunch as well.

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      2nd Diner Deluxe, and Eat!Eat! is also good both will be a bit of a walk. I like Avenue Diner too it used to be my fave place to get breakfast before work but now I'm home with the kids so I hesitate to recommend it since I haven't been there in a few years now....hopefully someone with more recent experience will chime in.

      Otherwise we like Thomson's at the Hyatt for their brunch. Just call ahead and make sure they aren't hosting a group of students. We went one weekend to find they weren't serving the usual Cinzeo cinnamon buns, Eggs bene, custom omlettes etc but a cheaper version(think toast station, cold cereals and oatmeal) because the large group of students staying at the hotel had asked for a lower priced menu. They did start serving the full menu later on (after the group was cleared out) but by then my kids had had enough and wanted to go home. Oh, and unlike Diner Deluxe, Thomson's takes reservations.

      HTH :)

    2. The Westin used to have a fabulous sampler dish. It was the best and I have tried them all. Don't care for the Nellie's kind of brekkies.

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        Never been a fan of Nellies.

        Galaxie diner on 10st & about 15th ave, is a long time favorite, great diner style comfort food. Heavy on the egg dishes.

        went to Avenue diner in February, was pleased with the selection, a little pricey, but overall good.

      2. We're a big fan of Thomson's too. All the basics that you need -- Eggs benny and warm gooey cinnamon buns.

        We sometimes go to Siding Cafe, the apple pancake is mmm mmm good. Eat Eat is ok; we found the quality of food fairly ordinary. The Palliser still has a killer Sunday brunch if you're looking to stuff yourself.