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Jul 25, 2008 02:19 PM

DREAM meal in Portsmouth NH

If you had 1 meal to have in all of Portsmouth NH where would it be and what would you order. The best and most descriptive replies possible!!

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  1. It has to be across the bridge at Newick's. Jack Newick still does seafood right. Large dining room overlooking the bay. Picnic tables with checkered vinyl tablecloths. The best meals are the platters either batter fried or broiled. Everything is fresh caught. Lobsters are incredible, chowder thick and creamy and all available with ice cold beer. If you're travelling on Rt 16 Spaulding turnpike, Newick's is 5 minutes off the highway and well worth the stop.

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      I would avoid Newicks.

      Have been a handful of times and their food is not fresh (it's frozen) and my guess is that they don't change the fry oil enough.

      1. re: bewley

        Newick's wouldn't even be on my list. Boring seafood. And if you do want good fried clams drive to Ipswich--like The Clam Box--no comparison.