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Jul 25, 2008 02:12 PM

Bistro at Maison de Ville

My wife and I stayed at the hotel a few years ago and had a really fine meal at the Bistro. I havn't seen it mentioned for awhile. Has it retained it's reputation? What an experience having dinner there and then breakfast on the balcony of the hotel and watching all the creatures crawl out of The Dungeon about 6:AM or so!

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  1. I had probably the best meal I've had this year there.

    1. i first ate at the bistro several months after susan spicer had taken over. it was her first real solo shot & she definately hit it out of the park. i ate there many times over the next few years & dutifully followed her to bayona when she moved on. the rest(at least in terms of ms. spicer) is history. i hadn't eaten there in quite a while but spurred on by folks here & tom fitzmorris' daily blog, i had lunch there the last week of june. the place was pretty much the same in terms of ambiance. i have to say i was let down a bit by the food(the service was poor but i'm giving all the restaurants in new orleans a break about service...for the time being anyway): i had the soup of the day, the frogleg grillades & my friend had a salad. the soup was an odd lamb soup, heavy(beans & barley in lamb stock) & lukewarm but still out of place on a mid-summer menu, it seemed to me. that it was lukewarm probably stemmed from the servers spending as much time preening for themselves(a young man & young lady obviously in the first few weeks of a restaurant romance...ah youth)as getting food out to the tables. the froglegs would have been fine but one of them had an off taste(not all, just one)that wasn't very pleasant. i'd also say that the grits they were served over were lumpy which indicated they were being held in a water bath & not stirred properly upon plating. the salad was fine. the dessert was forgettable(i mean that literally. when i made notes later, neither of us could remember what the dessert was. i usually ALWAYS remember dessert). i'm not sure i'd return here but i might. however, i would say that i would not recommend it to someone(esp. to someone w/limited time there in the city).

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        We had a nice lunch there. I recall a tomato tarragon soup with a grilled manchego/ham min sandwich as garnish. Mussels and frites were good, though nothing special. Iced tea was raspberry and when sweetner was added, tasted like Hawaiian punch. Didn't bother with dessert. I agree with bataille2. There are many better choices to waste a NOLA meal here when your time is limited.