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Jul 25, 2008 01:49 PM

best inexpensive take-out in the EV

I just moved to the East Village from Southern California and I'm unpacking all weekend, so I need really tasty, inexpensive take-out (or better yet, delivery). My husband and I will eat just about anything, so all suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Westville East - American great menu, great everything, GREAT veggies (Try the broccoli, artichokes). Recently had their special gazpacho and fell in love. Busy on weekends, fine otherwise. They deliver

    Caracas - Venezuelan food. 7th btw 1st and A. This place is a must. Their specialty are Arepas (it's better to eat it there fresh when they're crispy). An Arepa is a Rice-Pita-Crepe that is crunchy on the outside, softer in the inside, and has your choice of fillings. Perfect place to eat out. Cheap, around 6-7 dollars per Arepa. Busy during prime mealtimes and weekends, though they have a Take-Out/Delievery place next door

    Artichoke on 14th btw 1st and 2nd is the best resident pizza place we've got. Go there. They have only three options, Regular, Sicilian, and Artichoke. You cannot go wrong with any of those choices. Has quickly become a favorite in the neighborhood and is normally busy. Pizza Grupo on Ave B. btw 11th and 12th is a good pizza place to sit and chill, Grupo Delievers, Artichoke doesn't.

    Hope that'll start things off, let me know how it goes.

    1. mama's (on east 3rd street at ave B) is perfect for takeout; all the food is served room temp (think american comfort with tons and tons of great veggies) served in comically generous platters of 3 veg, or meat (usually fried chicken, grilled chicken, some grilled fish, etc.) + 2 veg, and theyhave a microwave in the dining room, so you get the drift. regardless, great to eat in or take out (doubt they have delivery, but maybe!)

      1. Senor Pollo on 1st ave. btw 13th and 14th has good, inexpensive roasted chicken with a really delicious chimichurri sauce. If the lines are too long at Artichoke (and that's almost always true) try Vinny Vincenz for pizza in the same block as the chicken place.

        1. Add Sea Thai, Little Poland, Pistahan and Grand Sichuan to your list.

          1. I LOVE the falafel from Tahini. The have really good cheap food in general. Its really filling and for 4.95 it's pretty inexpensive. The dumplings from Dumpling Man are pretty decent and filling as well.