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Jul 25, 2008 01:32 PM

Cut (of Eat! Drink! Dish!) in Edwards, CO

We've been to Cut a couple of times. Its exactly what fans of EDD would expect. Very friendly and knowledgeable folks working the counter. Willing to help find items they don't currently have. The quality of both the meat and seafood is top notch, so he prices are high. They have some very good prepared items, curried chicken, baby squid, stuff peppers and more. The place is well laid out with a fairly large butcher section behind the counter.

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  1. Fantastic, thanks for the report! I expected it to be fairly high priced but nice to know where to get quality items. Their former sous chef, Kevin, at Dish! is heading up the prepared foods part of Cut! I believe.

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      1. Robyn,
        Thanks for the update. There was an article in one of the local newspapers (I use news loosely), that had one of the butchers doing peppers with his mother for sale at Cut this week.

        Did you hit the Edwards Farmers Market today? Has the high country produce come in yet? It was raining hard at my place and they saw snow in East Vail, so I didn't get out.

        1. re: BlueOx

          I did see the market but there wasn't a whole lot going on. Vail's market had far more this morning.