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Jul 25, 2008 01:29 PM

Pensacola area birthday dinner for 2 year old?

(Whose parents are foodies?)

We're taking our kids down to the area for his birthday (just a couple days). I considered going somewhere like Calypso Joe - but it appears that's a long drive.

We don't do chains, so I thought I'd ask here where people REALLY know. :)

Kitchy, local, grassroots a huge plus.

Kids are well-behaved and were raised in restaurants, so no concern about disturbing others. But, we'd like it to be fun for him as well, being that it's his birthday.

Fish, Trains, and Airplanes a plus - but not a must. Maybe something near or on the beach?

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  1. most kids love sits on the beach (although bayside not ocean side) and has a huge playground. i have never eaten here so i can't recommend the food but the menu has more options than some of the others on the beach. surf burger is good but it is a beach burger joint. there are surf board tables and it is also on the water. so the kids can play on the beach while waiting for the food. best fries! peg leg pete's is good but pretty standard beach food....although the best on the beach. beyond that you get good view but pretty lousy food....most places make it on the view.

    in actual pensacola you have more options. but not a lot that are entertaining for kids. there are some kid friendly options but i don't know how many are fun for kids. joe patti's is always see all the fish. but the only place to eat is the little sushi place. although he does have a restaurant a stones throw away...haven't eaten i don't know what the food is like.

    i don't know when you are coming....but the the pensacola little theater is currently running seussical.....a really great performance for local theater. and that would be fun for kids!