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Jul 25, 2008 01:02 PM

Best Lobster roll on the drive from Boston to Newport??

I am planning a road trip to Boston from Montreal, Qc and will be visiting Newport as well. Are there any must "eats" along the way(between Boston and Newport)? I will already be stopping at Polly's Pancake Parlor between Montreal and Boston after reading all the rave reviews on this board. I am also in search of the best lobster roll in both areas. Mostly, small lobster shacks with a simple rolls (no frills).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. YES! If you want the most delicious lobster roll in New England, you must make a stop at "Stella Blues" in a little seaside town called 'Warren, Rhode Island' - not too far from Newport Rhode Island. They are open for lunch and dinner every day except Mondays (maybe Sundays as well - call ahead and ask). It doesn't get better than this!

    I first tried it when it was a 'special' on the menu a couple of years ago, when the restaurant first opened. Now it's on the regular menu permanently (thank goodness!) and as delicious as ever. One small quibble - two years ago (as well as last year) they had served it on a Portuguese sweet roll which was out of this world. Now they offer it on a Kaiser roll (which is still good, but the Portuguese sweet roll just added 'the touch'). we bmentioned this to the waitress, and she said they have been getting many requests to bring back the Portuguese Rolls. She thinks they will be offering both pretty soon!

    I had it for dinner the other night - $18 and a very geneorus portion of fresh lobster on the roll (my companion could not finish hers - and she didn't even eat the roll!). There's very little mayo in it (if any) so you are getting all lobster. It doesn't get better than this. It is served with french fries as well.

    If you are able to, start with the appetizer of 'Bruchetta with Tomatoes and Prosciuto' (an Italian ham) - this could be a meal in itself. It is delicious!

    "Stella Blues" is off on Water Street in Warren, next to Bristol, RI (which is over the bridge from Newport). It's a casual restaurant with very affordable prices and very generous portions. The service is friendly and consistent as well. If you're looking for great lobster salad, look no further.

    BTW, A close second is the 'Lobster BLT' or 'Lobster Club' (they vary it from time to time) at Hemenway's in Providence - but Stella Blues is the better choice.

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      Thanks for the great info!
      I will definitely check it out!

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      1. Best Twin Lobster Rolls in RI~ What a Hidden Gem”

        My husband and I are from Long Island, New York. We drive down to Easton's Beach in Newport, RI, several times in the summer for the twin lobster rolls. At first we thought "How could a beach snack bar serve really good food?" Well, let me say that those lobster rolls are absolutely the finest we have ever tasted. What a great discovery ! And they are only $10.99 for TWO rolls.

        You really need to check it out; unbelievably amazing!