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Jul 25, 2008 01:02 PM

Roseville -- New in SD -- Anyone been?

I live in Point Loma and just discovered a new spot on Rosecrans near Canon (across from Con Pane) -- Roseville. Haven't tried it yet, but a bit of research led to this: "...Roseville brings to the area French-Mediterranean brasserie food and an eclectic wine list. The transformed space features booths, banquettes, a beer and wine bar and open kitchen–a lively room with a comfortable decibel level...."

Has anyone been?

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  1. Not yet, but it is definitely on my list and some of the entrees call my name,e.g. braised berkshire pork cheeks.

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      Have heard good things from two different couples who have been. Sounds quite a bit like the old Laurel - no surprise since the owner - George Riffle - was the manager there. Check this out for more details -

    2. Not yet here either but have been hearing loads of good reports!

      Did you know that this area of town used to be called Roseville???

      New to me but apparently true!

      1. YES! YES! An emphatic YES! Great meal tonight. Had an asparagus salad with a perfectly poached egg and the duck confit.



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          Oh,my. Been a long stretch of kids, parents and grandkids visiting - finally we have a chance to get back out to restaurants. This looks like it might be first on my list. We did try Tender Greens in the same neighborhood for lunch last week - great for casual lunch. This does look like the old Laurel though. Is George present and accounted for at this location?

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            Yes, like a good old friend, it's like Laurel, but more contemporary. And George was walking the floor. Everything was well-executed, both front and back of the house.

        2. Great restaurant, just went with Cpt Jack and a large group. They took care of us real well. I had alot of requests because I had gathered my friends together for a blind wine tasting and every waitress, bartender, bus boy helped out in our preparation.

          George is also great, very personable and helpful. Food was great for the price, I like the fact that each dish is under $30 and it's well worth that price.

          The sauce on the lamb is a bit too rich with olive flavor tho, otherwise all tasty for the price.

          We tried an incredible dish that's not on the menu. If you go within the next week you'll see a giant pig leg hanging.. they use that pork as a shaving for their melon salad but we got two plates of sliced meat at an undisclosed price (to you not me =P). WOW WOW WOW , easily the best cured meat I've ever had.

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            Roseville provides a noteworthy San Diego dining experience. The Berkshire pork cheeks are outstanding and the leek-fennel-orange salsa Carlsbad mussels were a delicious take on an old favorite. Also keep in mind that clayfu's blind wine tasting involved substantial work (and glassware) on the staff's part, yet they remained attentive and professional throughout the evening. George and Amy's new venture deserves a visit IMO.

            1. re: Captain Jack

              I do with the turnaround on the dishes were quicker. We went through 8 wines (which isn't quick) before we got the appetizers! We got there at 7 and probably didn't have a main till 8:45 or so.