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Jul 25, 2008 12:32 PM

Marlow & sons, aurora, motto

Going to mccarren park tonight and want to grab a bite to eat and glass of wine nearby. was thinking of aurora, but it doesnt open until looks like an amazing menu, though. *watermelon salad with roasted beets toassed with “coach farm” goat cheese tropia onions and horseradish".. yum.
must go. ? .

Any suggestions? doesnt have to be fancy but I would like a good, affordable glass of wine. concert starts at 7 so it must open at 5 and be nearby. Thanks!!!

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  1. 3 great choices but a bit of hike from McCarren.

    If you are in fact willing to hike, Marlow is really great and laid back. They have a little outside area in the front where you can get great wine and oysters, cheese and a meal if you want something more substantial. Marlow is one of my faves in the neighborhood.

    Aurora is good but a bit more 'formal'... ie: they take rezzies and if you sit at a table they would probably expect you to eat more than just nibbles. They have become really popular and in my opinion, not as friendly. Good food though.

    Moto is nice, but it's always SO crowded inside and quite tiny. The last time I went there no AC and there is no outside area. Moto is really nice in the fall and winter with great food and wine as well.

    Great choices though- you def. picked out 3 of the best places in WB. Closer to the park I would recommend Sweet Water on North 6th or even Zebulon on Wythe and North 3rd. Have fun!

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      Zebulon for food? You're kidding. Guacamole straight from Fresh Direct.

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        Zebulon was def. more in the decent glass of wine/bite to eat category which is what the OP was asking. Not sure if they use package guacamole or not- but since it's a french bar, if they hade guac on the menu, I would probably steer clear. However, their panini's are good and they have a nice small cheese plate. No, it's no Boulud, but it is what is- wine and a snack. Maybe you could make a suggestion.

        That being said I went to brunch at Aurora on Sunday and although it was delicious food their service was just abismal. Lots of staff milling about and lounging on empty tables, very rude hostess, and it we sat with menus waiting to order for about 15 mins. Our actual waiter was great- when he came around. The food is nice though- even for brunch. I haven't been to dinner there in a few months- would be interested to find out where you went on Friday, Arugala.